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22 Aug 2007 - 03:52257
I always seem to forget to do this, so....
Since no matter what site I join like this, I ALWAYS forget to intoduce myself to all of you lovely people, I'm doing it now before I really forget.
As you can see my username is MageLulu, on Cosplay.com you may have seen me around as .:Mage.Lulu:.
I don't like to be called that though as much, so if you know me well you can call me Kirsty
I'm 17 this October, I've been cosplaying just under a year (started in November of 2006), and I have only completed one costume - so yes, I am a bit of a newbie!
I cosplayed as Alucard from the anime Hellsing at the 2007 MidlandsExpo in Telford along with cosplay.com's Alias.com (shes on here too!) and Lulu-Hecate in our small but strong group, FREAKS FOR DIGEST.

I make all my own stuff, although with little experience and no teaching - my cosplays tend to be from Hellsing as that is my favourite anime and manga You may see me around this years October LondonExpo as both anime and manga Seras Victoria complete with scratch built Harkonnen Cannon to full scale with a Hellsing group, also hopefully next year, Schrodinger ALSO from Hellsing for LondonExpo in May

So, since I've introduced myself and my nearest plans, I hope to see you guys around at cons!
If you see me, don't forget to come say hi! ^__^

- Kirsty
x x x

22 Aug 2007 - 13:25258
Wow i didn't know you were planning to do both Seras and Schro! o.o

I may have to team up with you sometime and have a mini millennium group XD


Lost as in a dream I seek the shadow Of one who has Swirled away... Abandoning friends, Abandoning humanity.
What awaits us all Is the path to emptiness. Knowing my heart The flowers weep, And the wild birds cry.
22 Aug 2007 - 13:56259
oooo I'll have to look out for you!

Hello! ^^

01 Sep 2007 - 02:42306
Hello my dear, lovely to see you on here! ('Tis the same Delusional as on cosplay.com) And I *hopefully* will finally be able to meet you at this October's Expo. I'm determined to go this year, nothing will stop me!

I look forward to seeing your Seras cosplay, especially her Harkonnen!

Anyway, welcome! (Apologies for the delay in actually welcoming you, I've been stupidly busy >.< damn this time of year!) I hope you enjoy using the site

08 Sep 2007 - 13:54365
Heya Kirsty!

I'm just getting around to posting on everybodies welcome thread! :O

Hope you like the site!

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