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01 Oct 2008 - 21:396563
Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn Meal (Closed)
Okay i'll write the details here;

It will be on saturday the 25th of October.
We will meet at 6:15, outside the entrance of exCel leading to the station,
The Location/Restuarant itself will be solely reliant on how many people are planning on coming, BUT I will list the available options here.
We've decided to say that you /should/ be in cosplay to come, but we will allow non-cosplay. Also others cosplaying characters outside of khr may come if interested, I just need numbers.

Option A
1-10 People, we would go to Yo!Sushi closeby to Waterloo. 3 Belvedere Rd, London, SE1 7GP.
The route would be:
Custom House( exCel ) -> Canning Town -> Waterloo
All in all, it would take around 30 minutes to get there.
The menu is here http://www.yosushi.com/yo_restaurant_menu.php WARNING: Menu is in PHP format.
Advantage is quick food, as items are on conveyor lest you want hot food, which is still quick.
Disadvantage is that it can be very busy, so may be hard to get a seat also food varies dramatically between yo!sushi's.
(A good choice if there are only a few of us, as it will be hard to get a seat)

Option B
10+ People, we would go Hazuki close to Charing Cross. 43 Chandos Pl, London, WC2N 4HS.
The route would be:
Custom House( exCel ) -> Canning Town -> Waterloo -> Charing Cross
Travel time should be about 34 minutes, but resturant is real close to the station.
The menu is here http://www.hazukilondon.co.uk/menu.html
Advantage is that is has an upstairs section so we may be able to eat up there undisturbed.
Disadvantage is that it can be pricey, but the food is quality.
(To be honest i'm set on this, I went there 4 months ago and was absolutely amazed by the fast service and quality for money. You won't be disappointed here.)

Option C
10+ People, we would go Ikkyusan close to Leicester Square. 39 Gerrard St, London, W1D 5QD
The route would be:
Custom House( exCel ) -> Canning Town -> Waterloo -> Leicester Square
Travel time would be 34 minutes as well, restuarant is a walk from the station, it's in China Town!
It has no online menu but it has quite a wide range of japanese, chinese and thai foods.
Advantage is space, it could accomodate 20 of us easy, has an upstairs also plays jpop/rock, CPop, and KPop.
Disadvantage is probably the service time.
(Trusty place though plates have gotta smaller and prices gone up, as with most blooming business this happens alot. Great to hear classic songs you may know whilst eating)

Option D
10+ People, we would go Wagamana close to Canary Wharf. 45 Bank street, London, E14 5NY.
The route would be:
Custom House( exCel ) -> Canning Town -> Canary Wharf
Travel time should be about 5 minutes.
The menu is here http://www.wagamama.com/locations/showlocation/548
Advantage is that it's close.
Disadvantage is that it is absolutely bad food, so wouldn't chose to go myself.
(Sorry to say i'm against it, but if majority votes we'll go)


Now that's sorted, i'd like you to all choose an option. Email it to me please it'd be appreciated and easier to sort.
If you wish to contact me it would be best to email me at or add me on msn with the address - / I will be willing to give my mobile phone number via message if asked as people may on the day need information or wish to let me know if they won't be coming.

Thanks for reading, get back to me ASAP.

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