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27 Oct 2011 - 13:4973252
cosplay photography: what genre does it fall into?
Hi fellow photographers and peeps of the CI!
I've been thinking, what genre is cosplay photography?
It could fall (I think anyway) under around 3 genres;

portraiture, event or documentary

or is it a mix, or even all three?
OR does it fall under something else completely!
I'm considering discussing this in an essay for my Degree and thought it'd be cool to see what y'all thought of it.

31 Oct 2011 - 00:0673367
I think it depends on the photographer really, Cosplay photography could also be classed as fashion photography.

Sounds like a great idea for an essay! Let me know how it goes

03 Nov 2011 - 09:2473641
oh yeah! that's a good point cheers!
hopefully I'll be able to blabber on for 2500 words about it =S
thanks for the help! =)

10 Nov 2011 - 15:4474087
I've generally considered it a mix of portrait, event and fashion, so I'm happy to class it as its own subgenre.

The main difference is portraits are mostly about the person, fashion is about the clothes, cosplay is in the middle - it's about the costume, but the costume *as worn by the person*, it's no good without both.

And 'event' covers all the group shots, and stage-related goings-on..

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