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27 Oct 2011 - 04:3773222
Photographer wanted for Friday Expo for Blue Exorcist group
The title kinda explains it all, but we just want someone to be taking photos of our group which would ne the Friday of Expo after 2pm-ish

The group itself is pretty large with several characters from the series Blue Exorcist/Ai no Exorcist (So reading maybe the wiki of it would be recommended for pose suggestions and such)

We have about 10 people-
Amaimon, Bon, Shima, Yukio, 2 Rins, 2 Mephistos, Shiro, Shura,
And the number might increase depending on the people we might meet.

It would be nice to have a free photographer, which I don't need to see any examples but at least know the photos would be available for us to see.
As for paid one, we would like to see examples and know what you would do after the shoot regarding giving the data to us. Also the price you would be charging us.

I'll add more when I wake up from sleeping this late ahaha xD
Thanks~ and hope to hear from you soon~

27 Oct 2011 - 12:0473235
I'm a photographer and would be interested
Just joined the CosplayIsland site since MCM forum is messing up on me, and trying to find shoots at last minute....

So yeah!

Blue Exorcist! Read it, Seen it, Love it! Know the story pretty well-

And yeah I won't charge I'll just upload the photo's either to DA or here, maybe both, if it was alright with the cosplayers of course :3

If you are wondering the camera I use is a d7000 - Nikon so pretty HQ stuff.

Is there a certain point I can meet you guys at?

Looking forward to it~ ^_^

Photography's my middle name :3
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