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25 Oct 2011 - 12:1073092
Good Morning!
Hi! Thought I might start this a little differently, but that is near impossible in an introduction!

Well I am from Manchester and have been here ever since I finished Uni here.
I am very new to cosplay but have always suggested dressing up for any kind of occasion. I have an obsession with any thing quirky and find myself being drawn into all sorts of weird and wonderful pass-times.
I have always loved to make things and have recently started making my first cosplay for the Doki Doki festival in Manchester. I have not made it completely from scratch as my seamstress skills are not that good, but I think that it will turn out pretty great for my first time! (I am so modest !!)

Well a very long winded intro any way, any one else from the North west Manchester area, here?


25 Oct 2011 - 12:3273096
Hello hello

If you've been part of the Manchester Anime Legion, or MUJS, chances are we've met or you've seen me at one of the gigs.

I spent a lot of time in manchester and I really like it there. I should get back over at some point..

Anyway, I'm in Sheffield. Pleased to meet'cha.

If you're coming to the expo this weekend, I'll buy you a drink. A real one too. Least I could do for your birthday.

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25 Oct 2011 - 17:5273119
Pleased to meet'cha too!

Alas I am not going to the expo this weekend as I have to work, which is such a shame as it would have made a great birthday weekend, non stop fun!! (and the occasional proper drink)

25 Oct 2011 - 18:0673120
Hello hello
I'm from near Manchester, just north of it xD
I'm pretty new myself!

Glad to see you'll be at Doki! I will be too, I hope to see you there ^.^

Might you be free on Friday?
We're having a halloween cosplay meet in Manchester, thought you may want to attend (:

- Zeruda no Densetsu ♥
I've had a good day doing things the wrong way! ♫

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