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01 Oct 2008 - 12:396552
I'm looking for a brown wig with a ponytail. There was an ebay wig shop that had them (got my perona wig from them) and I can't seem to find anything! Can anyone help me please? Time is of the essence as its for my Tsubaki cosplay at the October expo

Thanks for any info you may have!

01 Oct 2008 - 13:156554
ebay is the best bet, however you might have time issues as most good wigs get sent from Hong Kong.

You could always go for a cheap and cheerful fancy dress on (smiffys for example) wont be the best quality but are usually ok (and will get there in time)

There is always room for cake
01 Oct 2008 - 13:256555
You could get a short wig and a ponytail clipon/tie on extension.

I've used cog-n-marc on ebay who are one of the generic hong kong sellers and it arrived in a couple of days, they can be suprisingly fast.

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