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22 Oct 2011 - 23:5672911
Fresh off the plane ^^
So hi, my name is Yuval and I just got off the plane a few days ago from Israel.

I'm doing cosplay for about two years now and have won some contests in Israel (one time 3rd, two times 2nd) and I would love to get involved in the British cosplay community ^^;

I left most of my cosplays [and my sewing machine] back home, but once I get settled I'm planning to do a comeback.
You can look in my gallery to see some of my past cosplays (the ones I actually like) and I hope to like the cosplayers in this country as much as I liked the ones back home.

Nice to meet you all.

23 Oct 2011 - 10:1972916
You've got some very cool costumes there.

23 Oct 2011 - 10:5572918
Carmina is right, you have some great costumes! I hope you love cosplaying here as much as you did back home

24 Oct 2011 - 07:4772981
Hello Yuval,

Impressive stuff. Hope you enjoy being part of the UK community now, if you've any questions be sure to ask.

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