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19 Oct 2011 - 18:3972691
Need help making TARDIS headband
So I've almost finished my TARDIS dress, but now I've just realised I have no idea how I'm going to make the light on the top!


There's a picture of it for those unfamiliar. I have a base headband, but I don't know what material to use to build it up. I don't want it to light up or anything fancy, I just want it to be there to complete the outfit

19 Oct 2011 - 20:3972697
Here you go hun, this is what I would do.

Let me talk you through it.

You will need:

Card or Cardboard
An empty cleaned out tin, be it beans, soup whatever your food stuff preference
4 Blue pipe cleaners or a wire coat hanger
Blue & white acrylic paint
Hot glue gun/superglue
PVA glue if you want to waterproof it.

Ok firstly a little prep work. Get your card(board)paint it blue and cut from it two 23cm by 3cm strips and one circle with a 16cm diameter. Find an empty tin that has been finished, clean it out thoroughly and remove the label. Paint the tin white, two/three coats should do the job. If your using a coat hanger cut it in too four pieces and paint blue. Once you have them move them to the side for the time being.

Now we're going to make the base. you will need to cut from the card four 10cm by 5cm strips and two 10cm by 10cm squares. Glue the four strips to the four edges of one of the squares then glue the top edges to the second square to make a flat cube/cuboid whatever you want to call it.

Bring back the card strips, circle and tin from earlier. Put some glue on the top of one side of one of the strips and wrap around the bottom of the tin, repeat with the top and other strip. Next take either your four wires or pipe cleaners, push each one through the top and bottom in line with the four corners of the base. Cut a slit in to the circle that goes from the edge to about half way in and bend in to a cone, the cone needs to be a little bigger than the tin. Run some glue around the top of one of the blue strips and glue the cone in place.

Final stage, glue the card strip of the tin that isn't glued to the cone to the base making sure its in the middle of said base. Next glue the base on to the center/top of the headband. ANNND bingo, bango, dingo, dango jobs a good'en.

If you have any trouble let me know and i can make it for you all i request is a photo


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20 Oct 2011 - 12:2272728
Of course, if you did want it to light up, you could follow MGG's advice and replace the tin can with a section of plastic soft-drink bottle (I'd use one of those "ribbed" orange squash bottle myself.

And then you could pop inside one of those battery-powered fake tea-lights you can buy in pound shops

20 Oct 2011 - 18:0872740
any reason not to use papier-mache and a lamp or flashlight/electric torch? I think some sort of papier mache or other way to make it look more like the original would be called for no matter what method is used and having it light up would be a plus. Has anyone actually made something like this before? I haven't so I'm flying blind, but that seems logical to me.

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