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15 Oct 2011 - 21:1572419
Terra (Teen Titans) top and belt
I'm having trouble trying to create / find little satchels for Terra's utility belt. Does anyone know where I could buy material (muslin?) that's not too expensive?

Also, for her top, would it be better to spray stencil the 'T' or print (linocut) it on top of the top?

16 Oct 2011 - 19:2372457
You really need to put a ref image up so people know who your talking about; not everyone is a massive geek like myself lol

Muslim can be known by other names. It can also be called cotton gauze for example. If you go to you local fabric shop, ask the person behind the counter about cheap fabrics. However, if you just get polycotton and interfacing then it can work out to be better as polycotton has a very big colour range.

For the T, it depends on what your making the top out of. There's this stuff which is called Heat n Bond by some people (though my fabric shop peeps were like "yeah, that's not what it's actually called here, that's the american name for it" which basically acts like double back sticky stuff. You iron the fabric on one side, cut out the shape you want, then peel off the back and iron it onto the item you want. It's pretty good stuff but the iron has to be on a high setting so it's useless for fabrics which have a tendency to melt.

However, I don't think spray painting would work on it either. If you give a better specific on what your using material wise then there could be more help

Ayacon Plans
17 Oct 2011 - 12:0672492
Pm'ed you about it

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