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07 Oct 2011 - 20:5171838
Option to set individual in-progress/planned costumes to private view?
Odd one I know, but curious if other people may be interested in this one too.

Theres a lot of costumes I'd like to experiment with little bits of before deciding whether to do and keep notes as I go, or keep hidden until its complete and debuted at an event without having to keep it all offline, then create the costume and make tonnes of journal entries etc spamming up the main pages and friends feeds all at once.

So I figure the option to set a costume only viewable to yourself may help there; also may help those not wanting to clog up feeds with things they ultimately decide not to do? I don't really know. Ultimately I just think it might be a nice extra option, and probably help my pc from becoming a clustered mess of random cosplay progress files


07 Oct 2011 - 21:0471840
I'd like that too ^^

I like the idea of being able to leave notes somewhere without making them too public before I begin the construction. Also saves me from deleting and re-uploading planned costumes constantly

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