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05 Oct 2011 - 16:3671607
New starter! Hello
Hello all, Im Ryan and im looking to start making my first costume for Midlands MCM expo. Ive never cosplayed before nor do i have any friends who are interested in it. Would be nice to meet some new people who i could tag along with so im not on my own

Im looking to make a sasuke costume but i want to make it abit more beat up with the left sleeve removed and maybe some cuts to show off my Curse mark+sharingan Tattoo sleeve The idea in my head is probly better than what i could actually make so we'll see how it goes

pictures of my Tattoo sleeve are here!

05 Oct 2011 - 18:0371617
Hey, Ryan! (: I'm new to the site too. Unfortunately I'm not attending that particular expo, but its nice to meet you regardless. Your tattoo sleeve is quite awesome!

"weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”
05 Oct 2011 - 18:3171621
I love your sleeve! Welcome to Cosplay Island :3

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05 Oct 2011 - 18:5571625
Thank you both! i look forward to talking to some of you cosplayers here. Any tip are always welcome lol

Hoping to have all the shading done for my first Con and my costume aswell!

Managed to find a few people willing to go to Midlands expo! excited to nerd out 8'

05 Oct 2011 - 19:2671631
Is that the one this month? I wanted to go, but I don't have any cosplays yet and no money, so my first con isn't until April :C have fun though, I'd love to see your Sasuke cosplay :^D

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05 Oct 2011 - 19:3271632
O noes thats to soon! im hoping to go to the one in on 18th feb i dont have the money or any costume ready for this month, or anyone to go with lol.

Which cosplay is in April? do you have any ideas what your going to go as yet or undecided yet ?

Ill be sure to upload pictures! I cant wait to get pictures with other people too gonna be so funny :' If feb goes well maybe you'll spot me in april, be sure to say hello

05 Oct 2011 - 21:0371643
I know the feeling, haha. no one in my area cosplays, and it'a so expensive to go to cons in England and up in Edinburgh and stuff :C not to mention the costs of costumes, haha.

Kitacon is in in April! :3 I've never been before, but it sounds amazing, so I'd definitely recommend it. I think I'm going as Officer Jenny from Pokemon (I'm such a pokenerd, hehe), Matt from Death Note, and I'm not sure about my third day cosplay. I want to organize a group cosplay but I don't know yet... I keep changing my mind

I will! we should take a picture together too, even if we don't match, haha there should be loads of Kakashi's and Sakura's etc for you to pose with, Naruto is a really popular one :3

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05 Oct 2011 - 21:4171648
Yeah most people would mistake for me a chav lmao so no one expects me to be a geek

I was just looking at kitacon! its in birmingham so its the closest con to me is it in a hotel? i Imagen it to pritty small if its in a hotel but lots of partying lol sounds awesome. Ill bring a nurse joy outfit for the 2nd day LOL we'll look amazing <3

It's all about anime cross overs! Sasuke gets arrested for illegal pokebattles, and forcing charizard to join akatsuki They'll be loads of people for piccys, best thing would be spoting characters and being like OMG ITS *insert random anime name* LOL, Everyones gonna want pictures with us

05 Oct 2011 - 22:2371656
I did get that impression a little bit from your photos especially the Amsterdam one haha xD

Lucky for some it's just about as far away as possible from me xD yeah, it's in the Hilton, but 1000 tickets are sold so it'a pretty big and way good for parties i imagine LMAO I dare you haha :L I think you'd get more photos than me at any rate

lmao! makes sense to me haha :L omg, yeah, I don't know if I'll be able to resist hug-tackling my favourite characters, although I heard you get chucked out for doing that lol, so by the time you see me I'll be being dragged out the doors :'

lol! of course they will, who wouldn't?

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05 Oct 2011 - 23:1471663
You cant judge a book by its cover! thats why none of my friend would cosplay lol i wouldnt even ask them, but i know i'd get laughed at. Amsterdam was amazing, i'd live there but i wouldnt get anything done.... EVER

The Hilton :O isnt that really posh? can you rent the rooms there aswell i guess? would be an awesome weekend if you never had to leave, get really drunk in character then fall asleep in a corner and say im waiting for itachi, i know hes around here lol. My nurse joy brings all the nerds to the yard and there like its better than yours Its a shame tranny joy never made it into the anime

WHAT!!!! you cant take down your fave character?? i dont see any reason in going now lol i wanted to take down team rocket, and maybe naruto

We'll just set up our own table like where famous and see how many people come ask for pictures, We'll pretend like where hired by the company where that good at cosplay. Rank 1 cosplayers EU Officer sasuke at ur service

05 Oct 2011 - 23:3871668
that's true, I'm sorry :c haha, I'm the same, my friends would laugh me out of town xD lmao! I want to go to Amsterdam someday, thats like my dream holiday <3 for a year. or two. or three

yeah, it's really posh :O but pretty expensive too its like 80 a night for a double bedroom there's like a special deal for Kitacon where loads of rooms have been reserved, it's free to book though. I have to save up 150 a month from christmas until April to afford everything I need, cause once I get there I know I'll blow it all on booze and manga :L

lmfao! well, didn't James dress up as her once? James dresses up as women all the time though, I'm pretty sure he's not straight, although the lilac hair is a bit of a giveaway xD LOL, well you can try but I can't guarantee that you wont get beaten up by a team of angry cosplayers because you messed up someone's wig xD

omg hell yeah haha! and we'll charge them to take photos of us, 'cause we're that pro 8D

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05 Oct 2011 - 23:5571669
It was such a good holiday! really nice place to walk around apart from bikes being literately everywhere, you cant even walk down the street without bikers ringing there bells at you trying to make you move. But walking around stoned i was probably in the cycle path most of the time lol. There closing amsterdamn down next year apparently, only locals can use coffee shops, it makes me want to cry

With the deal reserving rooms do you still have to pay? cause you said its free to book and are they just single bed rooms?. 80quid is quite alot for one night 0_o but i think its worth it though since its just one night Cant get that drunk then stumble to a single bed lol ill have to make sure i have money for it all

LOL i completely forgot about him cross dressing!!! well ill have to have a serious think about that being my 2nd costume cuz ill look ruddy bloody hot in a dress 0_o. Yeah i spose people will rage if u touch there costumes, atleast if anyone is a douche you know there weakness. O sorry lol did i just spill my drink :O my sharingan wasnt working!

Yess! we'll make money out of it to pay for the hotel what a brillent idea ill trade pictures for manga. its a fail deal cuz were the boss

06 Oct 2011 - 00:3971671
lol really? why don't they have cars? haha, I bet you were, you and your friends looked totally blitzed in that photo :L and OHMYGOD WHAT? no way! I can't believe it, that's not fair, I haven't been yet :'( waaaah

oh right, no, I meant thats its free to book the rooms, but you still have to pay when you leave, sorry you can get a single bed room or a double bed room, singles are 70 quid a night while double are 80, its better to room with someone and split the price. it is quite a lot, but you get a free breakfast and theres a swimming pool!! haha

also, its not just one night :3 Kitacon lasts from Friday at noon until the Sunday at midnight, so most people are staying from Friday until Monday morning here's the link to the venue page on the website: http://www.kitacon.org/venue

lmao! I'm sure you will, I can't even begin to imagine it haha! or even better, you could be Jessie xD lmao yeah, 'I'm sorry, I couldn't see you because I have mangekyo sharingan', that's a good excuse

haha yeah, we might even make a profit! with your crossdressing and my blue hair, we will rule over all of Kitacon... the Hilton will be ours for the taking hahaha!

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06 Oct 2011 - 01:0171674
Lol no one drives a car because there all to stoned ! yeah the whole week was abit of a haze, i cant say i remember the whole holiday lmao. but im gutted because i was planning on going next year but i guess theres no point now =/

Ahhh yeah looking at the website now, only 10quid more for double room might aswell upgrade then lol but then you have to have someone to go with to split it But swimming pool and breakfast does sound awesome! You can go as misty and ill go as a seeking LOL water based cosplay WINNING

hahah im not sure if i could pull of jesse xD everyone will be like, have you seen that kid dressed up as jesse? yeah lol what a fool!

"Sorry i didnt see you there, i was busy looking at someone with a good costume" hahahahah

I think this venture could be taken to dragons den, We provide cosplay entertainment at a good price. All profit is ours and we'll go home rich enough to come back every year <3! The hilton isnt ready, the take over is comming

06 Oct 2011 - 01:2671676
haha true! although my stepdad goes to work, chops down trees and drives back everyday totally stoned, so maybe theyre just eco friendly :L well that's no good, I guess you can always just have a stoner holiday at home lol, but its not as cool as going to Amsterdam even my dads been to Amsterdam, I feel so left out :'( lmao :L

yeah but I'm sure someone will share with you they're just as willing to cut down costs I'm sure haha :L its annoying how you can only get up to two bedroom though LMAO that would be awesome, I could pretend it was my gym in cerulean :'D lol seaking, I think you'd be more suited to Psyduck haha just kidding, you should be the captain of the Squirtle Gang, with those awesome sunglasses

BI-WINNING omg, I love Charlie Sheen :L

No no, I think you could totally pull off the miniskirt rofl :L well, maybe not... but you'd get my vote in the masquerade contest just for being awesome haha

haha, what a comeback!

fffff, this plan is golden! we could do this at all cons and become cosplay superstars! >:3 we are officially partners in crime, I mean, cosplay! <3

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06 Oct 2011 - 01:5271678
Hahah people over here dont care about smoke and driving police are all over it there! Stoner holiday at home it just sounds like any other day lmao your dad sounds like a cool dude if hes been to the damn

If you know anyone let me know 40quid a night would mean 40quid more for drinks and geeky items to collect I thought there would be larger room since looking at the videos it looks like people go with like 4 people, ill be well left out on me tod lol Psyduck hahaha thank you very much! im sure a punch to my head would give me a headache so i could get into character easy YES squirtle gang would be sooo cool, ill rock them sunglasses like a don.

charlie is my hero <3 hes got tiger blood and only has one speed... GO hahah

Well atleast i have someone voting for me already and i dont even have a costume yet lmao I think if it comes down to a who looks best in a miniskirt you'll get alot more votes than me lol

Partners in cosplay crime, but if your officer jenny then would you arrest me :O? its a crime to be as cool as us ^_^ <3

06 Oct 2011 - 07:4671683
are they? I thought they were really lax up in Amsterdam, for obvious reasons haha, I could have guessed that :L and yeah he is although he always pretends that he never does anything, I guess I'm the same though

well I'm going down with a friend but she wants her own room so...? haha same for me, we know our priorities yeah, me too! but the Hilton is too posh for group rooms, its double or nothing :C there's always huge groups, I don't know how though, I don't know anyone who cosplays yet D: don't worry, we'll stick together :^D

I could sort that out for you haha! If its to help you get into character then I'm all in favour hehe ;P hell yeah you would, those glasses are amazing!

he's bangin' seven gram rocks, that's how he rolls have you heard the song they made from that interview? It's actually good :L

haha thankyou :3 and yes I would if you were being very bad, but I think I could overlook a couple of rules.... maybe. we'll see ;P <3

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06 Oct 2011 - 07:5971684
HEY! I am looking to go to Midlands Expo Your sleeve is epic!!

Welcome to Cosplay Island

06 Oct 2011 - 08:5371686
'Sup, welcome to the site et al.

Kitacon? Go to it.

Pretty small? Wash your mouth out with soap and diesel. Not just a Hilton. It's the Birmingham Hilton Metropole. It's a MASSIVE hotel, the foyer is so big it's got it's own costa coffee, and a 24 hour lounge bar. Oh hell yes, 24 hours? I think I'll go for a pint after the 4am screenings.

It's a 72 hour party, it's a 72 hour anime and manga powerhouse of panels, screenings, and everything you could want. You can do what I did and go to a couple of panels, events and cosplay a bit, spending most of the time partying. OR you can do whatever the hell you want.

Either way, it's gonna rock. There's a reason they call it KickassCon.

06 Oct 2011 - 14:1171707
Hahah, well your friend can have her own room and we can double up Priorities as follow: Get messy, Watch anime, Lol'around in costume sounds like an awesome weekend!! I think alot of the groups will be people who have been to previous cons together but its still gonna be ace. Yay! we can trololol together as first timers but you cant ditch me if you find more poke-pals lmao

I dont condone Physical abuse even in the name of cosplay Cant have you giving psyduck a black eye now can we lol

I love that song! and the bed intruder one xD You better hide ya kids, hide ya wife cuz we gone find youuuuu

Im always bad im sasuke hahaha you'll need some handcuffs if i break the rules. and maybe a sealing jutsu lol

@MizukeUchiha666- Awesome! ill try to keep a look out for you there, what are you going as?? Also loving the feedback on the tattoo <3

@jaeXD- I've never been a big fan of soap and diesel i looked at some videos of it and it does look massive! i didnt realise there was anime and that being shown 24 hours this just makes me wanna go so bad. I have a feeling im gonna get very messy, just hoping the beer aint some ludercris price :S aint paying like 4 quid a pint.

06 Oct 2011 - 14:3671709
I'll be honest, the bar price will make you want to cry into your pint, so you can make it last longer by watering it down with your tears.

And the location itself doesn't lend itself any favours by having no real convenience stores nearby unless you drive.

I drive, and I made sure I stocked up in my room by driving to an asda a few miles away. Had a few drinks in my room prior to going to the bar.

You do however get discount for wearing your kitacon badge, and the party bar is further discounted, if somewhat limited.

06 Oct 2011 - 14:4471710
LOL water down my pint with tears, love it.

Yeah i drive so ill have to make sure i stock up on drinks and bud before i get there, stock pile it like im not going home for a month.

Gonna be good though, drink all day party all night im stoked for it now.

06 Oct 2011 - 15:0071711
hello! and welcome


06 Oct 2011 - 15:4171718
Quote Beney:
LOL water down my pint with tears, love it.

Yeah i drive so ill have to make sure i stock up on drinks and bud before i get there, stock pile it like im not going home for a month.

Gonna be good though, drink all day party all night im stoked for it now.

Remember to be responsible. Nobody likes that guy sicking in the hentai screenings.

Well, some of them will. Hey, it's a hentai screening.

Saying that, here's a pro tip for you. If you lose your watch, you can judge the time with me. If you find me sober, then you sir are in time for breakfast, served between 7 and 10.30am

06 Oct 2011 - 15:5771719
I can handle my drink so no worrys im sure no one will appreciate the smell of sick while there trying to watch anime.

Hahaha! quality mate. Ill see you sober and know its bacon sandwich time, but i doubt ill be up in time unless you can hear the fangirl screams from a few floors up in which case im going to eating cosplayers for breakfast

and hello ammersXamphetamine! Thank you loving the deviantart profile

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