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03 Oct 2011 - 18:1171454
Gaming questons =] (need for seccondary research for media A2)
Hey people =] just wondering if you (ANYONE) could answer some questions for me, for my media A2 essay thanks

What realistic games do you play?

Do you enjoy playing realistic games and why?

Are games getting too realistic?

When you get given choices in games, do you think morally?

Do you think games are a bad influence on people?


03 Oct 2011 - 19:2071456
I would be happy to help but I would like to know what games you mean by realistic games??

i am a bat~ dechu
03 Oct 2011 - 19:3371457
Ummm well my essay question is
Are games getting to realistic so people loose sense of reality?
and studying heavy rain and gta4.....but it can be, stuff like graphics, choices (like killing or saving little sisters in bioshock) etc. Things like that hope that helped thanks

03 Oct 2011 - 20:1871460
Well I have played - Heavy Rain, the Bioshock series, Assassins Creed 2, Heavenly Sword

I do like the more realistic the game is as it pulls me into the games world more and makes me as a player feel more involved.

Some of the more recent games are more realistic such as L.A. Noire, and Thor:God of Thunder due to the methods used to animate the characters, it makes them look less of the game style and more of a CGI Interactive Film.

My choices made in games depends on the whether the game is one where I can create a character or not if its a character such as 'Subject Delta' in Bioshock 2 then I play the game to play both sides of the story so one saving and one destroying if not then I choose what I morally feel at the time for my own character.

Finally no I believe that when it comes influencing people media coverage of video games get the bad end of it all making people think games are creating more evil whereas I feel its down to the individual and if they do something bad in society its something they chose to do without influence from games.

Hope this helps XD

i am a bat~ dechu
03 Oct 2011 - 20:5271465
This depends on your view of realistic. I play The Sims, which arguable is a very realistic game on the grounds of "if your sim doesn't eat/drowns/sets alight/whatever they die". Then there are games like Assassin's Creed which are realistic as they're based on real events plus gameplay graphics. I'll go on the graphics realism.

Games I've played which I consider realistic are;

Batman Arkham Asylum
Assassins Creed (I, II and Brotherhood)
Prince of Persia
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Grand Theft Auto

Do you enjoy playing realistic games and why?

I enjoy playing games. I don't buy a game just cause it's realistic. However, I do prefer "better graphics" which I consider to be the more realistic looking graphics as opposed to the cell shaded/cartoony style graphics. Why? Because it's more realistic lol! It's to do with verisimilitude and how the mind works. With all kinds of media, we respond better to something we believe is real than to something we don't. Thus I find that I prefer games with those pretexts.

And lets face it, it's not like any cartoony games are really that good except to piss about on.

Are games too realistic?

This depends entirely on the realistic games you play and how well you cope with things tbh. I myself do not play games which will scare the crap out of me. Which is most games. Cause I'm a wuss. But I don't think it's got anything to do with the graphics (except when they're really dark and you can't see where you're going) and more the storyline and/or characters IE Killer Croc's Lair and Killer Croc in general in Batman and the redeads in Zelda. For me, the games I play I don't mind how realistic they are (although I may cry if Killer Croc appears in Arkham City) but I wouldn't play games like Dead Island.

When you get given choices in games, do you think morally?

Oooooooooooh, that's a toughie. It depends on the game, the choice and my mood. Oh, and how it would pan out depending on what I choose.

Do you think games are a bad influence on people?

Ah, this was a debate in my Media/Film/Psychology class (yes all three). I firmly stand on the side that films are more of a bad influence on people than games are, cause in games the person in question acts out all of their aggression whilst playing it, so they shouldn't really have a need to do it in real life.

I want to make clear than I don't particularly see that films influence people that much either. It's all to do with the mind of the person in question of how weak their perception of reality is, or how psychologically unstable they are. It's just, I think films are more likely to give people ideas which they can't get out of their system.

And hey, it's not like anyone goes "oh it's okay for me to jump off this building into a barrel of hay as Ezio does so" so yeah.

Ayacon Plans
03 Oct 2011 - 21:4871473
I play Call of Duty games, and similar, but I have also played Alpha Protocol.
In terms of choices and overall gameplay, I have also played Brink, Mass Effect and the X series of Games. Although these are not strictly realistic, they do all give the player choices to make and different moral paths to take.

It really depends on the game as a whole. There’s more to it than just “is it realistic”. I enjoyed Alpha Protocol, but I wasn’t so taken with Mass Effect, even though they could be considered quite similar games.

I don’t think they are. Until the days for Full VR or “Holo-decks”, I don’t think they will be too realistic, since you will never be fully immersed into the game.

Most of the time, I will react in-game pretty much how I feel I would react in real-life. I like to think I react morally, but I’ve sure some would disagree

No, I don’t think they are. If a person is “bad”, then they would be bad with or without the games. I have always disagreed with the notion that games turn people bad.

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03 Oct 2011 - 23:2671478
What realistic games do you play?
I've played:
Heavy Rain
Gears of War (I suppose)
The Sims

Do you enjoy playing realistic games and why?
I do enjoy playing realistic games, I like the shocks I often get. Realistically, on an emotional level, Gears of War 2 had me shaken up and a little depressed for a number of days (people who have played Gears of War 2 hopefully will know what part I'm talking about) and the shock at the end of Heavy Rain still leaves me shocked today, it felt so real when I was solving the mystery that when I finally did figure it out (I'm dumb so it took me a little longer than the characters and my boyfriend X3) that I was literally taken a back. Heavy Rain with its trials had me on edge and my heart pounding that no other game had achieved before that I liked more than anything about that game, I felt so connected with that game that I really couldn't let that kid die and felt I had to all I could which I enjoyed.

Are games getting too realistic?
I'd say from time to time, yes. Heavy Rains add on: The Taxidermist, scared the hell out of me at how real it felt that I now have a fear of taxidermists. It felt like an actual news story and scared me even more because his targets were female, I played it with my boyfriend who didn't feel anything at all but it terrified me at how the bad guy could do such a thing!

When you get given choices in games, do you think morally?
To be honest, the only exception of Heavy Rain, no. I'm lazy so with the karma system in Fallout I tended to go for the good choices because a, it was easiest (especially with New Vegas, everyone hates me T__T) b, because I felt sad when I said something mean to someone and c, I usually screw my game up when I randomly decide to make a bad choice X3

Do you think games are a bad influence on people?
Usually I'd say no but then I think what if a lonely, women hating, taxidermist played The Taxidermist, then I'd say yes! Yes they can DX

Mine mostly involved Heavy Rain but it was only one I could think of, hope I was of any help =)

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04 Oct 2011 - 10:4771497
What realistic games do you play?

Assassin's Creed Series
Call Of Duty Series
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Do you enjoy playing realistic games and why?

Depends, a lot of companies now like to make games that are realistic, but it can get to a point where it detracts from the gameplay. I play games to have fun and sometimes I want an escape from reality, so I enjoy both realistic and un-realisic games.

Are games getting too realistic?

No, despite what people say, take Call of Duty for instance. It's regarded as a realistic game and in some respects it is, but it still lacks fundamental things which would make the game very realistic. For instance when you take damage from gunfire all you have to do is wait abut 5 seconds without getting hit again and you fully recover. By this you can practically survive an endless amount of gunshots as long as they are not all at the same time.

When you get given choices in games, do you think morally?

Sometimes, a lot of the times I don't simply because it's a chance to do something you don't otherwise get to in our day to day lives. Of course in real life we'd do the right thing, but in a game it doesn't matter. It does depend though, sometimes in games you are rewarded whether you choose to be good or evil, but sometimes there is a simple right choice and a wrong choice.

Do you think games are a bad influence on people?

No, if anything they can be great stress relief. If you have a bad day or you're angry. Shoot people on Call of Duty, chainsaw people on Gears of War or Nuke a town on Fallout 3.

The problem is when people imitate what they see. Take the tragic case of the minor who played "Manhunt." There was a public outcry about the game when people actually forgot lots of very basic things. Firstly, like I mentioned earlier the child was a minor, so they shouldn't have been playing the game in the first place. If the parents buy an age restricted game for their children it is down to their judgement whether or not it is suitable.

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