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01 Oct 2011 - 22:4171329
Boa Hancock's Many Outfits = Trouble!
ARGH!! I need help! ¬_¬
ok, so im going to cosplay as Boa Hancock @ Amecon 2012...the only problem is i cant choose which outfit of hers to wear. im thinking the Impel Down dress would probably be the easiest, but i cant deny that both the Amazon Lily and Marine Ford outfits are beautiful...and i cant make up my mind!
i am going to be adding a twist to the cosplay so check out my journal for Boa Hancock to find out what that is!;p
but it would really mean a lot if you guys could probably sway me into one of the 3 directions! im going to be making the costume so its not a question of which cosplay is easier to find, i just want it to be perfect.
thanks so much guys!
Abigail-Ashlee Weinberg

Abigail-Ashlee Weinberg
03 Oct 2011 - 23:2071477
Yay, another Boa Hancock cosplayer! XD I did her Amazon Lily outfit a few years back. It didn't turn out like I wanted to, and I lacked the gravity defying chest to pull off the cosplay completely, but I had alot of fun being the most beautiful woman on the Grand Line for a day XD

I totally understand being torn between the costumes, they are all so pretty. The Marineford one is very similar to the Impel Down one. They are both Chinese style dresses, only they ID one has a coat over it, and then a cloak as well. So seeing as Amecon is in the midst if summer, that one could be a tad warm. Amazon Lily is probably the hardest to make, and shows off the most skin, so it really depends on how confident you are with your sewing skills, and how comfortable you are having your entire chest and upper thigh on show XD

Which ever outfit you do, I'm sure you will make an awesome Hancock! And I love the headress idea, it's so original! I hope it all works out! XD

04 Oct 2011 - 09:0071491
HAHA its nice to find another Boa Hancock cosplay too! and someone who loves her as much as i do!
i eventually want to wear all her different outfits, but i think im going to go with her Marine Forde battle outfit first! that looks the easiest to make!HAHA
i used to study fashion so im quite good at sewing, and i found my pattern making book last night, and its got a pattern for a chinese style dress, so its PERFECT!
and as for the headdress, ive finished the paper mache base, so now all i gotta do is build Salome's head onto it!LOL i just hope it turns out how im praying it will!

Abigail-Ashlee Weinberg
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