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01 Oct 2011 - 08:2571284
Yugioh cosplaying group
This is a cry for help from any and all yugioh cosplayers who live in the uk an want to join in and make a large group
im new to cosplaying only been to a few conventions atm, but planning on going to many more in the future I've seen bleachers n naruto group cosplayers. So id ike to create a large yugioh group spanning from the original yugioh series to zexal, any character is welcome and if we have people who want to cosplay the same character thats fine to
message me as soon as possible if you wanna join in . let show these bealchers and naruto cosplayers how we duelists do it!

01 Oct 2011 - 10:2171286
I'm up for this! Well, depending on when you want to put this group together for.


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01 Oct 2011 - 11:1071287
I am up for this...depends on when and if I would be able to go but I like this idea...there never seems to be any yugioh cosplayers when I have been to cons...granted thats not many but I would love to have a whole group...count me in for a Kaiba for now...may change closer to the time but at the moment it's Seto Kaiba.


01 Oct 2011 - 15:4871301
sam ya alrdy part of the group its paul from offa facebook
well ive created a group on facebook, but because i wanna get as many people as possible to join in which is why ive created this on here so then can message people to join the group on facebook (Y)
so if you i post a link to my fb page on here u can add me n then i can add u 2 the group
or may just post the group page on here :S
Group page (if ya can get onto it)
My page if the group dont work

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01 Oct 2011 - 18:4771309
I just requested to join the group. I'm hoping to cosplay Crowler for the May 2012 Expo.

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