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26 Sep 2011 - 20:5570903
Wig woe
Woe. Huge amounts of woe. Unto me.

I have a long-ish green synthetic wig that is suffering from a whole range of problems.

Firstly, its been curled and styled in the past, but the curls just won't come out. It wouldn't be so bad because it;s going to get curled again, but these curls are round the face and flicking outward and just look ridiculous. They will not go away.

I've also tried curling it with rollers - dampening it, rolling, leaving to dry etc before unrolling. Problem two occurred in trying to unroll them - they refused. The hair just got stuck to the rollers and I ended up more tangled than when I started.

The last problem is just that the ends are dry and frizzy. I've used synthetic hair shampoo and conditioner, as well as fabric softener. I'm willing to hand over a first born child if something can fix this.

Any recommendations for any of this? Or should I just go and buy a new wig?

27 Sep 2011 - 07:2270933
Have you tried taking a shower with it on, or hanging it up in the shower room while you're showering? That might help to straighten it. Frizzy ends... depends how far gone they are - sometimes it's just a few hairs that have gone twiddly that tangle the others up, and pulling/cutting those out can help with the remainder. And sometimes just giving it an overall trim can get rid of the worst of it - depends how far up the length the frizz has travelled really. You're the best judge of that

NB I've only had two long wigs so these remedies are not ones I have extensively tried myself - although the hanging up in the shower trick did wonders for some yellow wefts I found while tidying up which had gotten rather tangled.

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27 Sep 2011 - 09:5070943
You might find this tutorial useful for getting it straightened!


It sounds like that before curling again it might need a bit of a wash and time out - an alternative would be to use hairspray and a hairdryer as brute force to get it to stay in its new curls, but while that might work as a very quick fix, it'll make it harder to sort out afterwards!

For the ends, it could be that, like with human hair, it's just damaged and needs a little bit of a trim! Wig hair that is very bent and kinked sometimes will just never recover.

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