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25 Sep 2011 - 22:0970810
For sale - Megatrain ticket from Southampton to London Waterloo (Expo Dates)
Incase someone is actually interested, it wouldn't go to waste then...

The ticket is just a couple of reservation numbers, that's all you need.

I've got a train ticket from Southampton Central to London Waterloo (return)

Leaving Southampton on Friday 28th October at 12.55pm - Arriving 2.34pm

Returning to Southampton on Monday 31st October at 1.39pm - Arriving 3.12pm

It's Megatrain and it cost me £5.50 so I'm selling for £5.

It was for Expo, but I'm not going now.

I'd appreciate it if the payment was direct debit (money straight into my bank account) rather than PayPal, as PayPal won't allow me to withdraw money into my bank account.


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