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28 Nov 2011 - 17:3175131
Hmm...I have one friend who cosplays with me, she's awesome, and up for doing the (many) crazy ideas I come up with.

Other friends, well they see pictures on facebook and stuff and just think I'm a weirdo

My family, generally don't care.
I try to talk to them about anime/manga and cosplay stuff, and they just change the subject...

This year I met an amazing friend in hospital, and she's a fantastic dedicated cosplayer
It's made me want to up my game

28 Nov 2011 - 18:5675134
I feel exactly how you do!

Some of my friends cosplay but most of my friends probably wouldn't understand it.

Like you, they see the pictures on FB and, honestly, I try to hide them in my news feed...

I'm happy they're online but I know how some would react.

My parents are happy I cosplay. My dad in particular always likes coming to Expo and seeing what people dress as.

28 Nov 2011 - 22:5375140
Well, my daughter's parents are pretty OK with it...

Seriously, I think it's great for her. She learns a lot of skills in designing,budgeting, planning and making her costumes as well as getting greater exposure to things such as sci-fi, DC Comics and other broader cultural aspects.

It's great for her confidence and everyone she's met at the various cons she's been to has been great with her.

Her friends? Well, they tend not to have a clue what's she's talking about. Oh well.

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28 Nov 2011 - 23:0675142
all my friends are really supportive. My parents (my mum) was a bit shocked by it and then she really got into it whenever i cant figure something out i ask her she knows everything.

my volunteers (im the assistant manager at a charity shop) are all really interested in my hobby and are always asking when my next con is. They also point out good fabrics for me. At the moment im making seong mi-na and the green is a curtain one of the vols picked out for me when i was on my day off XD so i really have a lot of support.

"i don't like your plan.....It sucks"

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02 Dec 2011 - 04:5375320
They think is a phase and i'll move on. They are a lil baffled that I'm still stuck on this whole dressing up thing Oh if only they see the things I see and they will realise why I do this thing called cosplay.

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27 Dec 2011 - 15:5576421
Well, family wise, my mum and my sister are the most supportive, they're always giving me their honest opinions on my cosplay, which I always value

My brother, just does his own thing and lets me get on with it (keep in mind, he's Autistic, and he doesn't associate me with being a cosplayer. He associates me with still living at my mum's listening to death metal lol)

My Fiance - He isn't fussed on cosplaying. He doesn't go to cons as he's got issues with crowded places, but he's been nothing but supportive of me cosplaying

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27 Dec 2011 - 18:4376427
Mom and Dad are fine with it .

Grandparents don't care , my grandma makes some of my cosplays .

Bro is the main issue , he tells all his friends I'm some kind of psycho .

School people , think it's ok , they don't care much .

Best friend , think's it looks cool , she just think's it's like goth style .

27 Dec 2011 - 19:0476429
My mum is fine with it, she was a dressmaker so helps me with sewing haha (: I don't think my dad knows...or cares xD

My mates arnt really arsed, they think it's a bit odd but they are alright with it...if they had a problem then they are shite mates haha.

28 Dec 2011 - 00:3476444
There's only my mum to be ok with it. I've even spoken to her how parents feel badly towards it, and she thinks it's pathetic when they don't even support their own flesh & blood to be creative. I'm quite lucky

My older sister, however, is like a witchfinder general on the subject ¬_¬ She's always quick to scream "FREAK" when she doesn't understand why I cosplay. I think she feels there's something mentally wrong with cosplayers which I really hate. But hey-ho

13 Jan 2012 - 14:3477356
My Mum doesn't like the expense of it but says I don't really do anything else with my money so it's okay.
From the start my Mum and Dad have been okay with it. My Mum let me go to an expo for my birthday and my Sister, Brother-in-law and friend all went. My brother-in-law being a comic fan knew what cosplay was, my sister thought it was strange but tagged along! haha. At the end of expo she said "I see you had a fun time, I just don't get it really) she still doesn't but she's supportive!

The first time I bought a costume (couldn't sew then) and wigs my Mum tried them on! From what I remember they thought it was strange but they knew I was having fun.
Even when my parents split up they were both trying to help with costumes

Now, my Mum thinks I'm going out of the cosplay-phase cus of Uni etc, but I'll still do it she's more wowed with the costumes I can make now as she always said to buy them was better, as I could sell them after I used them xD.

Friends, I've made friends who cosplay and my friends that don't think it's pretty cool. If they don't, I'm lucky in that they just leave it because I'm having fun

17 Jan 2012 - 15:2977524
Well, my parents do think it's a bit weird but they're just happy I'm not on drugs like a lot of kids my age 8D
My mom often helps me with making cosplay but whenever she takes me to events she'll often whisper things to me like "They need to get a life." - she's just messing though, she has an odd sense of humor. At the end of October Expo last year she actually said to me that she's going to cosplay as a school girl for the next one o.O I couldn't tell whether she was joking or not.

My dad just thinks it's too expensive, I often have to explain to him several times why I can't use the same wig for every character -_- He won't let me get a maid dress though cuz he thinks they're too sexual or whatever.

And my brother is young so he thinks that gives him an excuse to be rude. He goes up to people and tells them they're weirdos and he likes to follow around the crossplayers. But he likes comic books and stuff so he'll be happy if he sees someone cosplaying as Spiderman or something.

When my foster brother was here he used to dance Danjo and stuff with me at expos XD It's adorable cuz he wasn't even 2 at the time.

As for friends, most of them like cosplay too. One of my friends isn't really a fan of anime but she likes the Zelda games so she'll be happy if she sees a Link cosplayer.

My extended family...I cannot imagine how they would react if they found out I cosplay. I don't exactly keep it a secret but I wouldn't go parading it in their faces. They're always in my bussiness and like to make fun of me for everything I do. I remember when I was holiday once and I wore my Matryoshka hoodie to my Grandmother's caravan. She screamed when she saw it. She was seriously scared o.o


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18 Jan 2012 - 16:0877557
My friends all think cosplaying is cool and are joining me with my first cosplay so I am lucky I don't have a friends base that is judgemental and my girlfriend finds it funny but not in a mean way, she just enjoys the fact that I like it
As for my parents they are also supportive even if my dad doesn't fully understand why. I think my dad enjoys the production side of it and likes to make stuff but he doesn't fully understand why people would get enjoyment out of dressing up. My mum helps with everything, supplies mainly and general measurements

The main problem I face is with people at university. It is not something I would want to share with most of my house mates because they won't understand. I did an essay on cosplaying and the enjoyment people get out of it and most of the people in my house just thought cosplayers were "freaks". I ignore them though and I think everyone who does it is great What people don't understand is that you meet so many people just like you and they love to cosplay as well. You can talk to these people immediately and thats what I love about this forum and all the other cosplayers that I have met

25 Feb 2012 - 23:5279697
hm let me see, my parents don't like it, they wish that I never came across cosplaying but my friends don't really mind it. I try and get them involed with cosplaying but it's hard lol my boyfriend doesn't mind it but some of the coustumes that I wear can be a bit to much so he doesn't really like those, but he loves me doing it because he can see how happy it makes me.

27 Feb 2012 - 20:1779830
I tend not to tell my parents I cosplay, if I can avoid it, haha. With my Fionna costume it wasn't too bad, but my parents have no idea about my Black Canary costume and I intend to keep it that way. But my dad tries to not think about me dressing up, my mum is torn between hating it and finding it hilarious, and my friends don't really care, to be honest, they already think of me as odd.

04 Mar 2012 - 23:3780158
My close friends are also cosplayers or anime fans and my other friends opinions I dont give a Sh**e about

My mum doesn't really care, she knows im happy and I finally found a hobby!

However whatever cosplay I make or whatever manga I read or Anime I watch she always calls it Pokémon. Even if its not! >___<"

17 Mar 2012 - 17:3880974
My friends are either cosplayers as well, or they think it's pretty awesome, but they wouldn't do it themselves.

My dad thinks it's daft, but as long as I have fun, he doesn't mind.

My mum thinks it's super excellent and helps me a lot with my costumes. She's very good and sewing and altering things~ *hugs mummy*

17 Mar 2012 - 19:3480979
Well, my parents werent overly enthralled with the idea at first, thinking it was 'Nerdy'.

But they warmed to the idea and now they help me out with making some things and they give opinions on what would suit me best, and they are happy i have a hobby, and now since i have started to actually make some things for cosplay's they are happy because im not using all there money to buy a full cosplay online xP

I only have a few friends that actually cosplay, and some others are very into anime/manga/games but all the rest either dont know and dont care what it is or they think its a little weired or nerdy and sometimes they find it interesting but they dont put it down or anything =]

18 Mar 2012 - 04:1781000
My main group of friends I hang out with are as geeky as I am and also cosplay. At first my parents thought it was a bit silly and a one off thing but then my mum got really into helping me find items and make things and I tend to show my dad a reference picture and he'll give me advice on what I can improve on. So they are totally cool with it.

18 Mar 2012 - 09:2281003
Most of my friends cosplay so that's fine! I think my mums on the border line between finding it weird and fun, whenever there's a fiddly bit of sewing/lack of time she helps me out a lot. She's so good at sewing! <3

My dad thinks I should be making better use of my 'talants'. DX;

19 Mar 2012 - 19:0081076
I get the feeling that mum doesn't like it too much. She called my blue Navi dress 'silly' and I was mental for wanting to go out in it. Its my money and my time so gr.

Don't dad really knows....

My manager thinks its a bit weird, but the shop was really quiet one day so I got to sit behind the till working on one of my arwen sleeves. A lot of the older folks that came into the shop found my stitching fascinating.

I even had one bloke come up to me and say "you don't see a lot of young folks doing things like that". Another time I was beading in a cafe and the old lady in the opposite table asked if she could have a look.

My mum has a friend that sews, she helped fix my navi costume, but sadly she's moving.

I'm new to this :3
19 Mar 2012 - 19:1581077
My parents .... welll ... my mum isn't too keen on it .... but she's ok with me doing it as it keeps me happy. My dad thinks its pretty cool but will joke with me about it. My Nanna helps me with my cosplay and the rest of my cosplay aren't much into it some are supportive some aren't.

My friends are mostly cosplayers so it's fine and the people I go to college with think I'm weird and laugh at me

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19 Mar 2012 - 20:1581079
Well There's a thing! Haven't Told anyone.
I must admit,i have just entered COSPLAY for the first time, after seeing the fun people had with it at Hyper Japan and MCM expo last year.

In general i don't think my immediate family and friends would mind ,and i know of a couple who may try it, the big question is would they mind if i Crossplayed,Which for my entry into the art i did for the first time .

Being that i did it for a feature on my website ,i chose to pull out the stops and go for it. Being as i dress as a ninja character in photos and videos for my site i chose to go the female character route .

Now not being a dressmaker ,i got my costumes made ,so once i ordered them there was no turning back ,well unless i just put them in the wardrobe and never wore them.

They turned up .i tried them on ,i thought this is mad,on the days of the event (Hyper Japan 2012) i just did it, even going by train part of the way. Some experience that was wearing tights and Girl boots.

I enjoyed it, did a article on my site and left it at that,if anyone of my family or friends read the article then they will see the pictures to.

I'm to long in the tooth to worry about what others think .I say enjoy yourself ,Enjoy Life ,because if you Don't do it ,your only regret it.

I tried it ,and i must say i thoroughly enjoyed it,and plan to crossplay again at MCM expo in May.

10 May 2012 - 14:3383790
Well, I go on a site which generally views cosplay as either "hot girls" or "guys protecting their virginity"

It was on a post about a Buzz Lightyear costume, with "too virginity and beyond" I went;

"That's actually really well made.

I'm impressed.

And you know, if he went to a con dressed like that he'd be fawned over. So probably a lot more likely to score than anyone else who posts these."

And since then, I've been receiving posts about people asking where they can start cosplay, what's a good site for costumes, where to start, what IS cosplay, etc.

Since then, I don't think there has been a single "virginity" cosplay post.

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10 May 2012 - 17:1383809
My parents don't really care, my boss doesn't...My college friends actually came with me last expo and a few more are coming this time I am slowly converting them all. I wasn't expecting any of them to cosplay but last time my friends were Fry (Futurama) and Marty McFly and this time we have two SSC Soldiers (cosplaying with me) and a few others not cosplaying.

11 May 2012 - 13:1783858
My family dont have a clue that I do it. I mean, I havent been doing it for long but in the time I have, I work on costumes hiding away in the playroom.

I think friends are more aware of it as they see pictures and stuff online.

I'm at that stage in life where peoples thoughts about what I do dont bother me anymore. If they find it weird, thats fine. If they find it interesting, then I have someone new to share it with

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