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23 Sep 2011 - 19:0870673
My family are brilliant thankfully ^^

My mum has always supported everything i get into, and she helps out alot with problem solving. Like if i sew a dress and the shape is unflattering, she is genrally quite good at finding a way around it. And somewhat good she is very straight to the point.. if it looks crap..she lets me know XD
My dad loves it XD..proboly because he likes seeing his 'little girl' play with power tools! And like mum he's got a good brain for prop making, if i cant work out how to balance a prop right, or what matirials to use hes always on it..and thankfully he plays Taxi driver when i have a sudden realisation im out o fabric and glue XD
My bro's pretty cool with it. He's a bit of a gamer, and has cosplayed himself..but hes kind of not botherd anymore XD but he's been really helpful at holding things, or pinning things to me XD
And my nana is a legend XD She has cupboards FULL of patterns, and knows what stitch to use where, what fabric hangs best, where to get the best quality products (she makes ALL her own clothes)

I just wish somedays i could be a bit better at sewing/prop making so i could justify all their help ^^ they know how thankfull i am, but i'd love to do something that makes all of them go 'yes!! now she can justify spending all her money on fabric!'

*also i have photo's of my parents in fancy dress, they used to do role plays in the woods with thier old friends when they were my age..so if anything is ever said i can whip the photos out to hush them :3*

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25 Sep 2011 - 10:5470745
My dad calls the conventions I go to 'a freaky show' T_T,
I really enjoy cosplaying but my parents are always moaning at me for the expense.

25 Sep 2011 - 11:4670747
My parents are really cool with it.

My mum is really supportive with it and never really disapproves anything as long as I am in good company. She sees it as a really good way of getting out the house and she really likes how I made so many good friends in the past.

As for my dad he is willing to help with little bits and bobs and likes to try and see the finished product. Although he tends to be quiet about it I can tell he likes it more than he really shows, as he once said he would like to look through Cosplay Fever and comments how well the costumes are made while dropping me off/picking me up at cons. He often jokes about how we are 'the crazy people' XD

My bro doesn't seem interested but since he gotten into anime recently he is generally easier to talk about it. He's not into it but it doesn't bother him either.

My aunt seems to see it as just something fun to pass the time with and is happy to see that there are young people passionate about sewing.

All my friends are into anime and geeky stuff in general and most of them cosplay anyway so we are all cool with that

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25 Sep 2011 - 11:5770748
Mostly negative and confusion. Like it matters though. They can slam it.

25 Sep 2011 - 13:0170749
my parents think it's cool. They rather if I do something than nothing to be honest XD


25 Sep 2011 - 13:3470753
My mum is OK with it, she knows it's all just for fun and she always likes to see the pictures I take at the events.

My dad is really cool with it, because he has watched a few animes and seen a lot of the games I play, so he recognises a lot of the characters.

My stepdad probably understands it the least, but he is the only one who helps me with it! He's really good at painting stuff and/modifying things, so it comes in really handy for props and stuff.

Most other people don't even know, I don't actually tell many people about my cosplaying, but the friends I have told are really cool with it. I have sort of persuaded a few friends to try it themselves. XD

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25 Sep 2011 - 15:4270761
My grandmother and brother completely hates it and says I look like a prat for doing it.

My dads just "meh" with it all like most things in life.

My mom is very acceptable towards it and would even help out with some costumes.

so yeah most of its one sided :/

25 Sep 2011 - 15:4970762
Quote Black-Cat-1:
My dad calls the conventions I go to 'a freaky show' T_T

My whole family think the same thing. They think because I have a mental illness, everyone else into cosplaying/conventions are the same. Apparently they're all "hoods" AKA emo's who slit their wrists and listen to heavy metal and shit.
MY PARENTS ARE SO FUCKING IGNORANT IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. And they upset me soooo much every time they call the community those kind of names.
They are forever taking the piss, and saying that it's "kids cartoons" and "childrens dress-up-box" type shit. It's ridiculous.
Basically they think we dress up in fairy dresses and group round watching Cow and Chicken.

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25 Sep 2011 - 16:0570766
Well my Dad was sceptical and was not happy when mum asked him to take me to the manchester expo (I couldnt afford train fare and none of my friends are into cosplay!) But then he got into it when we were waiting to go in, said the costumes were the best part and that he was really impressed!
Mum loves the idea anyway, As long as i dont suggest cosplaying something a little more 'Sexy'!

25 Sep 2011 - 16:2870768
My mum is fine with cosplay as a few of my other friends around where I live do it as well. She usually pays for my tickets to cons and help me with accommodation and travel which is awesome
If I need help with a costume my Nan will usually help me xD
For my friends who don't cosplay and don't watch anime, I usually don't bring the topic up around them.

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25 Sep 2011 - 20:1370789
My parents think I'm insane.

At first they kept complaining that I was wasting money and I looked like an idiot XD

They took me to expo a couple of times and since then they havent said anything. Perhaps they have changed their minds!


26 Sep 2011 - 08:2670828
Thats flighty depressing seeing everyone parents and friends being majority cool about it..

Friends are family to me- they love me dressing up. Some think it's weird but I tell them the science like darwin preaches evolution.

Mother on the other hand only looks disappointed. She helped out massively with one costume but after that one (Sewed in the patterns for Wakka with detailing) she expected me to give her more than I could give..... *sigh*


02 Oct 2011 - 19:5871377
Friends - completely unsupportive. I'd never tell them that I cosplay in a thousand years, they'd think I was a complete loser. They think manga and anime are sad enough and tease me about it :/ I've tried talking to them about it before and their reaction was to laugh. So not much in common there... I guess that's why I've turned to the internet to find friends that share my love for cosplay 8D

Parents - my mum can't understand it, thinks it's weird, but helps me woth my costumes my dad thinks it's weird but lets me carry on.

Sister - joins in! WOO!

Basically, everyone but my sister thinks I'm weird. :'

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02 Oct 2011 - 21:0871392
I'm not really sure what my dad thinks. My mother is quite happy with me doing it, since she knows what it has done for me over the years.
In fact, it was really my mother who pushed me into doin this all those years ago.

Alot of my friends I have me through CosPlay anyway, and most of my work mates think it's interesting, but have said they would never do it themselves...

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06 Oct 2011 - 19:1871747
I must be a rare breed or something

I am a mum and I love cosplaying, my daughter and I go together, I have even bought her pals with us to Expo. We all stick together and help each other with our hair and costumes and generally have a ball.

My mum thinks the costumes are "wonderful"

My friends think I am a bit eccentric and do a lot of smirking do I care - not a bit.

06 Oct 2011 - 20:1171752
Quote CosplayMutha:
I must be a rare breed or something

I am a mum and I love cosplaying, my daughter and I go together, I have even bought her pals with us to Expo. We all stick together and help each other with our hair and costumes and generally have a ball.

My mum thinks the costumes are "wonderful"

My friends think I am a bit eccentric and do a lot of smirking do I care - not a bit.

You are awesome. Period.

Quote Mycroftwave:
Basically they think we dress up in fairy dresses and group round watching Cow and Chicken.

What's wrong with Cow and Chicken? It's a brilliant show.

TBH, they just sound like stupidly closed minded people. I kinda feel sad for them, cause they'll never be able to see just how wonderful the world is with that kind of non-accepting attitude.

Okay, so my mum may have watched a couple of episodes of anime (Full Metal Alchemist) but she's thinks it's fine to cosplay, she just sees it a way to express myself and whatever. And hey, it's better than being out of the streets and drinking myself stupid/getting into drugs (grandpa's view). My dad's only issue is the fact that I'm looking in the directions of doing something similar as a career. Frankly, he's against all creative things as a career. I should get a Law/Maths degree - like him - then not use it - like him - and instead do stuff with laptops - like him *rolls eyes*

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06 Oct 2011 - 22:2171769
Quote NixieThePixie:

What's wrong with Cow and Chicken? It's a brilliant show.


My parents don't actually know, they also live 300 miles away on an island so it's not like it's something they'd be exposed to every day.

It makes me laugh how the topic title suggests everyone only has 1 friend One of my mates actually cosplays with me at events.

08 Oct 2011 - 11:1071871
Mine have no idea I cosplay, and I'm going to keep it that way. They told me to stop watching "cartoons" at 13 so I doubt they would approve of cosplay.

08 Oct 2011 - 14:3271883
My parents are very very supportive which I'm super glad about.
They're happy that I'm doing something different and creative instead of being a sheep and following everyone else. They love that I make such great friends out of it who are just like me and they really like seeing me in cosplay. (Especially since cosplay makes me so happy)

My friends are all really cool with it and sometimes even quite interested. Maybe some of them do find it weird but they're not rude about it and are very accepting.

27 Nov 2011 - 23:1475097
Quote Ozzie:
Mostly negative and confusion. Like it matters though. They can slam it.

I relate, and agree with this one. lol

27 Nov 2011 - 23:2575099
I made a new friend at college this year which is good because last year I had none but that's another story =P I was worried about telling her I liked anime and cosplay because I didn't want to be by myself again but the other day she told me how she liked the animation of anime and stuff and how her friend likes cosplay and stuff and was like YAY! I do too X3
In other words my friend is cool with it and I'm trying to get her into it too =D

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28 Nov 2011 - 11:1175114
Haha, my mum calls me and my convention buddies 'weirdies', but in a jokey way. She's a bit reluctant but doesn't try to hold me back at all. <3 She even chills next to me and points out the cosplays she likes sometimes, though admittedly they're all the really expensive ones or the character cosplays that are abused to no end. I think she's happy whatever, so long as it's not too short or skimpy. xD

My dad doesn't really know about it that much. xP

As for my friends... Well, I'm a loony, they're all insane about it. I managed to drag one best friend into it, and the other best friend is really eager to try it out some time. They both love poking out characters for me to design and make costumes for. I made quite a lot of new friends when they found out about me, too, which is always an added bonus. n_n

I was kinda shy about my interests at first, but then when I got slurped onto the love train by everyone else who cosplays, I kinda thought 'hell, I don't care what anyone thinks, this is fricken' awesome!' so I don't notice the negative.

28 Nov 2011 - 11:4875119
My parents are really awesome about it. Both of them have driven to different countries for me to get to conventions, bless 'em.
Whenever I go to conventions without them they always ask me to get photos of myself in costume and stuff, which makes me happy~

My mom's usually the one who takes me to fabric stores, she helps me choose colors and fabrics and the like. She also usually comes down to London whenever I'm there for Expo so we can catch up and so that I don't need to pay for the hotel xD She can get really annoyed by how much mess I make when I'm sewing though, which is understandable as I have to use the living room ><

My dad likes taking photos of cosplayers, especially zombie ones xP He wants to try it out himself sometime...As does my mom. I just need to think of things for them to cosplay and make it for them, haha.
My grandparents haven't seen me cosplay, but they think it's great that I make costumes. The rest of my family don't know/aren't bothered.

Friends don't seem to care much either way. I'm sure some think it's weird, but all my friend who are into anime quite like it, some are casual cosplayers themselves. I only have a couple friends that are as into cosplay as me though, which is quite sad...ahwell, more cons for me! xD


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28 Nov 2011 - 13:5075124
My mother? Laughs all the time and finds me cosplaying immoral XDD Like i care, its something i enjoy and have amazing friends out of :3

My Father? Don't like him, ran away from him last december and not seen him since, always on about that i do everything in life wrong, well screw him XD

and my friends, I have you people as my friends, i don't want anything else, i only have friends who can accept me for who i am, so that is all beautiful for me.

28 Nov 2011 - 14:1875126
They think it's very nice, but that I have more clothes for dressing up than I do going out xD

There is some truth there ;P A lot of my clothes are dual purpose x)

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