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20 Sep 2011 - 21:5370401
Full body Demon cosplay help
Hello , Im planning on doing this http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/dds/art-008.jpg cosplay for MCM May , but i dont really know where to start , does anyone have any ideas ?

20 Sep 2011 - 22:0570403
I think a Zentai suit would be a good place to start. I can't tell if the "skirt" bit is a sheer bit of clothing or actual fins that come out of the legs. I'd go fins, you could make this out of foam, upholstery foam would give you the bulk but you might want to try plastazote or craft foam. All the other fins etc could be made out of foam as well. Gluing it might be a bit tricky though. I'm not sure if something like impact adhesive would stick to lycra, maybe someone else can help with that. The face mask could be fashioned out of craft foam as well, as craft foam can be heat molded with a hot hair dryer or paint stripper(heat gun).

Painting you might want to try latex mixed with acrylic but I believe people have had trouble painting zentai suits so you might want advice about that from someone more in the know.

Hope that helps.

22 Sep 2011 - 12:1170554
I would go with an underlayer of a zentai like the other poster suggested. Lycra paints up best with Airbrush paints (I like Createx brand, It is what I have used without a problem). I would look into using Expanding foam method for some of the hard parts like the head piece. Go to Kasumi Cosplay. a lot of it is in German but her builds with Expanding foam will give you some great ideas. As for the wings and soft parts, I would go with thinner foam 1/4 inch for the Wings. You can hot glue it but to keep the foam from melting I would use low temp glue. It you have access to a dremel tool you can score the foam on the back side and glue in the score marks, it makes adhesion much better. Another option is using a Glue specifically made for foam. Many craft stores sell it and it is similar to tacky glue but thicker. I personally use E6000 glue for just about everything that cannot be hot glued. It has a set up time but it's super strong.

The Feet are going to be the hardest. I suggest the Expanding foam method I mentioned above. You will be making a carved out shell for a pair of base shoes that go underneath.

I wish you luck, this is an ambitious project!!

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