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21 Sep 2011 - 17:5670464
Agree with money.

But mine is probably sewing. Just sitting down at the sewing machine is such a drag for me. The rest of it's fine, but sewing is just so blerr for me that I end up giving up with costumes - Links been pinned to my mannequin for months now just because I don't want to get the machine out ._.

27 Sep 2011 - 15:0070963
I'm in the minority, I actually like cutting out the patterns and fabric! It's such a mindless job I can just do it on autopilot and it's sort of relaxing.

For me the least favourite part is the basic sewing construction. I love working out patterns beforehand, and I love doing all the detail work and decoration afterwards, but the actual bogstandard creation of the garment... meh. I need to concentrate on it so I can't go on autopilot or it'll go horribly wrong (though it does that anyway >_< ), and I just find it a bit dull.

I actually find I prefer hand-sewing things these days, but it takes so much longer that I can't do it for time-sensitive projects plus it also wrecks my fingers.

I suppose I could say painting as well... I don't dislike it per se but I'm not terribly good at it and I'm always horribly nervous it will go wrong and wreck the whole thing.

EDIT: Oh yes, I forgot fly zips. Flipping hate trying to figure out the fly >_<

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27 Sep 2011 - 15:5370969
well I usually just go out and buy my costumes (as I am very lazy to make them) I so I suppose it's the "how much I have to pay of it" ¬_¬

with my new project though(my jake pitts cosplay) I guess it was cutting holes in the shirt. It was the thought of cutting them too big, too small or just at inapropriate places (talking about my boobs ahaa )


27 Sep 2011 - 16:0270970
I'm still fairly new when it comes to actually making the cosplays, but oddly I find shoes can be very difficult.

Sometimes they have barely any reference pictures, which makes it hard to even start. Most people find a compromise, but my OCD means I just simply have to try and make them.

27 Sep 2011 - 19:5270981
At the mon it has to be latexing ALOT of armor
then for all of said bits of armor to stick together(latex loves itself too much)

28 Sep 2011 - 01:0771001
The mess it leaves. I have cosplay stuff everywhere for months when I'm working on a costume. Today? Resin dust.

Oh no an elevator? I'm not gonna die in a box! you should always avoid elevators during a fire
28 Sep 2011 - 07:0571006
Wigs... They are the baine of my existance. I'm juist not very good a styling them, and something always seems to go wrong when I'm wearing them.

28 Sep 2011 - 08:2771009
I'm with you on that one. I never seem to get wigs right


29 Sep 2011 - 14:5971147
Quote Nomes:
The impact on my bank account....


Finding methods to achieve the costume with the budget...

£60 to make armour... Ffffuuuu....

And getting cut from being sleepy and careless and over worked.

Painting the wrong section and painting it again

Stitching it on backwards.

The mess... The mess

29 Sep 2011 - 15:1271148
Quote Ice-climber:
Wigs... They are the baine of my existance. I'm juist not very good a styling them, and something always seems to go wrong when I'm wearing them.

I completely agree! I remember my first cosplay which was kanata izumi from lucky star. The wig got really tangled at the eend of the day and I had know idea how to style it right and such. SO then after that disater, I decided just to use my own hair for cosplays, makes cosplay easy


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