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15 Sep 2008 - 16:176136
FF7 septheroths coat.... any patterns anyone?
has anyone got any reference patterns for the shapes of each section of septheroths trench coat?

i plan on making one from leatherite (however spelt) with a black poliester lining (to save on costs lol and make more comphortable on the skin) but ive had a hard time finding any reference material for trench coat patterns....

if anyone has any wud appreciate it

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16 Sep 2008 - 07:496154
I actually made the pattern for it from two patterns. One was a basic long male coat from Butterrick. Then I added the side panels using a long dress pattern from Bruda. I designed the pattern from those parts then added a 70's style collar from an actual 70's pattern that I got from my Mum. Not sure where my pattern is off hand overwise I could send you a copy.

btw, I recommend getting a cotton lining as I found the polyester lining very unconfortable.


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16 Sep 2008 - 16:256188
ahhhh, yey thanks =]

and i wud love it if u cud send me the pattern/s u used for your coat

in your own time ofcourse lol it wud b much help

and thanks for the advice on the lining, i mainly choose poliester cause i can get it for about £1 per square meitre

THE HORSEMAN COMES!... And Tonight He Comes For You!!!
17 Sep 2008 - 08:076211
Yes the polyester one is cheaper but much less confortable and with the armour as well it can make for one unconfortable costume. When I remade mine I switched to the cotton one. As my armour is solid plastic I needed confort where ever I could.

I would send you the pattern but I've just rememebered that I lent it to someone ages agao and have since lost contact. The best bet would be to find the coat pattern though a pattern shop and then add the panel yourself.

17 Sep 2008 - 09:506214
ahh fair enough then no worries =]

what i probably gonna do is get one of my old dressing gowns... or my old leather coat from downstairs and jsut adjust the shapes and stuff to be more accurate and jsut extend it down (cause my leather coat goes to my waist... will doubble its lengh to make it reach down to my ankles)

ohhhh i have a tip for you...

ive talked to a few ppl i know and they reken hardest thing to do with thigns like sephys coat is make it stay open and wide at the bottom like sephys coat does... i got solution for that....

1mm-2mm thick copper wire/bar thread through the hem and adjusted to personal preference ahaha

i did that with a coupple of wepons i made once that required cloth parts


im actualy using a waistcoat i bought today, its perfect shape fits comphortably, ive picked off the seams so that im left with 3 basic parts, the back pannel, the front pannels, and the sleves, from this i can extend the front and back pannel, i can extend the sleves, and slightly adjust the front pannel to clsoer resemble the style of sephys coat =D

gonna need 5 meites squared of leatherite ~(the fake leather stuff) and 5 meitres squared of black cotten... prefferably the thicker stuff lol xD

shud take me.... about 2-3 days to actualy make it wen i bought the materials, and the cost should be around... £30-£35 for the coat itself... (not including buckles... shoulders etc etc)

THE HORSEMAN COMES!... And Tonight He Comes For You!!!

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