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13 Sep 2011 - 15:2469604
Mass Effect Assemble! May Expo 2012

Following this trailer and discovering the release of Mass Effect 3: Fall of Earth This is the following Official Cast list of the Mass Effect 3 game.


Further Rumours about Who will be in Mass Effect 3


Seth Green ... Joker (voice)

Yvonne Strahovski ... Miranda Lawson (voice)

Carrie-Anne Moss ... Aria T'Loak (voice) (rumored)

Adam Baldwin ... Kal'Reegar (voice) (rumored)

Martin Sheen ... Illusive Man (voice) (rumored)

Tricia Helfer ... EDI (voice)

Keith David ... David Anderson (voice)

Jim Cummings ... Urdnot Wreav (voice) (rumored)

Claudia Black ... Admiral Daro'Xen vas Moreh / Matriarch Aethyta (voice) (rumored)

Lance Henriksen ... Vice Admiral Steven Hackett (voice) (rumored)
Jennifer Hale ... Commander Shepard - Female (voice)

Steve Blum ... Grunt (voice)

Shohreh Aghdashloo ... Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay (voice) (rumored)

Michael Hogan ... Captain Armando Bailey (voice) (rumored)

Ali Hillis ... Dr. Liara T'Soni (voice)

Natalia Cigliuti ... Morinth (voice) (rumored)

Raphael Sbarge ... Staff Commander Kaidan Alenko (voice)

Armin Shimerman ... Salarian Councilor (voice) (rumored)

Mark Meer ... Commander Shepard - Male (voice)

Ash Sroka ... Tali'Zorah vas Normandy (voice) (as Liz Sroka)

Brandon Keener ... Garrus Vakarian (voice)

Courtenay Taylor ... Jack (voice)

Robin Sachs ... Zaeed Massani (voice) (rumored)
Kimberly Brooks ... Operations Chief Ashley Williams (voice)

Gwendoline Yeo ... Shiala (voice) (rumored)

D.C. Douglas ... Legion (voice)

Adam Lazarre-White ... Jacob Taylor (voice)

Wendy Braun ... Gianna Parasini (voice) (rumored)
Carolyn Seymour ... Dr. Chakwas (voice) (rumored)
Simon Templeman ... Admiral Han'Gerrel vas Neema (voice) (rumored)

Cara Pifko ... Yeoman Kelly Chambers (voice)

Alastair Duncan ... Turian Councilor (voice) (rumored)

Martin Jarvis ... Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib Qwib (voice) (rumored)

Jon Briddell ... Illusive man
Maggie Baird ... Samara (voice) (rumored)
Kym Hoy ... Kasumi Goto (voice) (rumored)
Keythe Farley ... Thane Krios (voice)
Steven Barr ... Urdnot Wrex (voice)
Neil Ross ... Codex Narrator (voice) (rumored)

Rob Locke ... British News Anchor

Bill Ratner ... Donnel Udina (voice)
Dannah Feinglass ... Avina / Engineer Gabriella Daniels (voice) (rumored)
John Ullyatt ... Veetor'Nara / Engineer Kenneth Donnelly (voice) (rumored)
April Banigan ... Khalisah Bint Sinan Al-Jilani (voice) (rumored)

Aubrey Wakeling ... British Scientist
Jamal Kazak ... John Smith
Jeff Page ... Conrad Verner (voice) (rumored)
Jan Alexandra Smith ... Asari Councilor (voice) (rumored)

Now Depending on what the plans are, I will get Thane Krios or Legion done for the closest Con/Expo to the release date- which is May MCM Expo 2012. And I will most likely do the Saturday and Enter him for the Masquerade (And maybe Eurocosplay..We shall see)

It would be awesome to have a collection of people to join myself in a Mass Effect group!

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13 Sep 2011 - 16:1169628
Ah man i'd love to do this, but my skills with a sewing machine are next to none

13 Sep 2011 - 20:3569679
As long as Tali's in it, I'm happy!

If all goes well, I'll come to May Expo 2012 as Tali :3 *fingers crossed*

14 Sep 2011 - 10:5069730
Quote Mew Den Chan:
As long as Tali's in it, I'm happy!

If all goes well, I'll come to May Expo 2012 as Tali :3 *fingers crossed*

Oh Sweet! Except I've never seen any interactions between Tali and Thane...ah fook it! Well make some up when photos come along

So psyched already planning now

14 Sep 2011 - 11:1869733
I'm planning to do Commander Shepard in his Casual crew gear for Kita4 ^_^

14 Sep 2011 - 12:0369735
i look forward to seeing anyones outfits, im a big fan of mass effect!

23 Oct 2011 - 22:5772969
I am too! It's looking Epic

Edit: Have edited this for a Group to be assembled for May Expo 2012 (Since I'd like to go personally for EurocosplaY)

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