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11 Sep 2011 - 21:4169383
Post your Gamertags/Playstation IDs!
Hey guys, seeing as I think a lot of us are gamers, I was thinking it might be a good idea to share our profiles and possibly play together! So just remember to say which if it's a Gamertag or a Playstation ID, list a few games you have/are currently playing if you wish but other than that, it's pretty self explanatory!

ALSO, please not that this isn't a thread to discuss what games we're all playing/looking forward to. If you want to discuss your games do so in Kata-San's What games are you currently playing? thread.

Xbox LIVE Gamertag: Han Hyuga

Online games... (Had another clearout!)

- Saints Row 2 & 3
- Deadrising 2 & OTR
- Gears of War 3
- Forza Motorsport 4
- Streetfighter x Tekken

Those are just a few, feel free to add me as I'm usually up for most things. However do be warned if you add me, a lot of the time I will be playing with my brother so I might not be able to play with you spontaneously but drop me a message or something or catch me when I'm on my own and I'll be more than happy.

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11 Sep 2011 - 23:0869396
PSN - StormageddonXO
Games (all of which I play online, especially KZ3):
Killzone 3
Uncharted 2
Modern Warfare 2
Red Dead Redemption

XBL - StormageddonXO (currently don't have an XBOX 360, but will do soon)

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12 Sep 2011 - 00:0969399
PSN- phoenixdragon17

blazblue 1&2
final fantasy xiii
bioshock 1&2
marvel vs capcom 3

ive been described as a trophy whore :O so if anyone wants to boost trophies and i have the games drop me a message and i will reply when im free to do so XD

i am a bat~ dechu
12 Sep 2011 - 07:5369405
XBL - Numta
PSN - Numta

Halo Reach
Dead Rising 2
Modern Warfare 2
Battlefield 2
Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Left 4 Dead 1+2
Gears of war 1+2

Demon Souls

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12 Sep 2011 - 09:1769407
PSN: AerisStrife

Would list my games but I'm lazy.
Just compare trophy lists and you'll see most of them. xD


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12 Sep 2011 - 09:4969409
Gamertag - StimulatedNinja

Multiplayer Games;
Black Ops
Lego POTCB, Star Wars and Indiana Jones
Army of Two 2
Gears of War 2
Fable 3

I'm sure I have a few more, but I can't remember right now.


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12 Sep 2011 - 10:2269412
xbox: xWestie
PSN: xWestie

Black Ops
Halo: Reach
Deadrising 2
Dynasty Warriors 7
Samurai Warriors 2
Saints Row 2
Fable 2

LittleBigPlanet 2
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Resistance 2
Red Dead Redemption
White Knight Chronicles 1+2

12 Sep 2011 - 21:2269510
Xbox gamertag: dragonmew

Still umming and ahhing over whether to get a PS3...

Dead Space 2
Bioshock 1 & 2
Dante's Inferno
Red Dead Redemption
Mass Effect 1 & 2
Fallout 3 & New Vegas

12 Sep 2011 - 21:2669513

Not on there much these days but would be nice to have other PS3 peeps on there since everybody I know seems to have an Xbox ¬¬.


12 Sep 2011 - 21:4169520
Quote Quinzel:

Not on there much these days but would be nice to have other PS3 peeps on there since everybody I know seems to have an Xbox ¬¬.
I wish all/any of my friends had Xbox's!

Part of the reason I made this thread. XD

Photobu</div></td> </tr>
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12 Sep 2011 - 21:5769528
Quote Han Hyuga:
Quote Quinzel:

Not on there much these days but would be nice to have other PS3 peeps on there since everybody I know seems to have an Xbox ¬¬.
I wish all/any of my friends had Xbox's!

Part of the reason I made this thread. XD

Same here; more of my friends have PS3's than they do Xbox's o.O

12 Sep 2011 - 22:2469539
PSN - Frederica_laNoir


www.facebook.com/toffee.marmalade.studio Facebook page

13 Sep 2011 - 11:5469570
PSN - zebbies =]
I know about the name XD I unboxed my PS3 plugged it in, left the room for 5 mins and my gf made my account ¬¬ XD Still atleast its individual

Online games:
Dead Island
Assasins creed
Resistance 3
Demon's souls

13 Sep 2011 - 12:0169571
PSN: Skippy-Kat

I pretty much just play Bioshock 2 online... and that's it at the moment.

13 Sep 2011 - 12:0169572
XBL: Faramon
PSN: Saroston (some one had Faramon .. the fraking nerve!)

13 Sep 2011 - 13:1669581
I noticed alot in the posts above needed more people to add. If you have any of the same games, just throw me an invite, even if you just fancy a laugh!

Me and my mates tend to play Black Ops a fair bit, and if you fancy a couple of games don't be shy! We all swear, are quite aggressive towards eachother and bitch all the time. But, we all love each other after the match is over

13 Sep 2011 - 13:3069583
PSN: TheBaconFairy

I don't play online much as of yet but I'm hoping to do it more now that my internet connection is less bad! (I think it is anyway... still need to test it <.< )

For online compatible games, I have.... Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet, Brütal Legend, and I've currently got Portal 2 and Red Dead Redemption on hire from Lovefilm. My Lovefilm subscription will probably cause the games I have to jump around a bit, but if you see me online I'm normally up for playing with others I'll add all the Playstation people on here!


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13 Sep 2011 - 13:5469586
welllllllll currently in Deus Ex mode so strictly single player (though normally I am a multiplayer man ) plus planning on finishing red dead redemption!

When I do play online, I play Battlefield Bad Company 2, Black Ops, MW2, Brink ... a pattern may occurring here

I will come out of my single player hole when BF3 and MW3 come out thanks

13 Sep 2011 - 16:1069625
PSN - choco dan-dan

i dont go on it much due to it being connected to my laptop

14 Sep 2011 - 09:4069724
My PSN is: Lady_Bahamut

Although I'm not online often ^^;

24 Sep 2011 - 20:3970723
Bumping this so others can see.

24 Sep 2011 - 21:0870726
only just seeing this, great idea Hyuga

Xbox Gamertag: WarriorTeddy

Games: AC Brotherhood, Halo Reach, Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2 (hope to start this soon) and a few others

24 Sep 2011 - 23:2170737
Xbox - CandyStriped

24 Sep 2011 - 23:4670738
I've noticed people are posting their XBL/PSN accounts, without a help of which games you have. xD
I don't wanna go and add someone with no games in common whatsoever. ><

25 Sep 2011 - 10:3470742
PSN: jets0n_x

I don't really play online, like.. ever. Mostly because everyone I've encountered online are elitist scum!

Games: Well I have a lot, but the ones I've been playing most recently are Borderlands, Star Ocean 4, and replaying some of the Final Fantasy releases on PSN.

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