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15 Sep 2008 - 09:586093
wanna make me a costume? auron =D
ok heres the thing...

i make repleca weponry from wood and other such materials


i suck wen it comes down to making the costumes (i suck at cloths and foam and stuff)

so im woundering if anyone can make a auron (final fantasy) OR Dante (dmc 1-2... i dont like dante in dmc3) costume, depending on the price i will be willing to pay for it, but theres one thing i do require... and thats good quality lol, i put 150% effort into every wepon i make, not resting til its perfect, thats why i call myself a cosplayer (other than love to cosplay) because i put my all into what im doing

so yeah heres a manufacturing request, answer these questions nin your replys...

1 - What kind of materials would you sue in the costume?

2 - how much experience in costume making do you have?

3 - can you give a average price? if so what would be the price?

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