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09 Sep 2011 - 13:4969128
Using the Feedback Forum
This area of the forum is for you to talk about the site itself. We'd particularly like to hear about any problems you have using the site, if you have any ideas of new features you'd like to see or even your thoughts of the site as it is currently.

Please check the FAQ page and search the existing threads before creating a new topic, common problems will already have answers and good ideas may already be on our to-do list.

We're using a labelling system on the feedback form now, so you can quickly tell from the thread name if staff have actioned a conversation:
[OPEN] - This topic needs more discussion for a decision to be made, please join in.
[PENDING] - This idea is on the to-do list of site updates, look out for site changes in the future.
[FIXED] - This problem has been fixed.
[ADDED] - This new idea was on the to-do list and has since been added to the site in an update.
[CLOSED] - This problem has been resolved with no changes to the site or is not an idea we intend to do at this time.

Any conversation without a status has not been picked up yet and can be considered [OPEN].

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