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14 Sep 2008 - 14:576073
I am a non-believer when it comes to fate. I do not believe in all that that rubbish that "everything happens for a reason". I believe that things just happen. But every once in a while something happens that makes me question my belief:

This years Midlands expo Jacqui and I were meant to cosplay Rei and Asuka from Eva. But due to Cosworx bad management of stock and website neither of our wigs arrived, primarily the Asuka one was actually out of stock even though I got a confirmation of delivery from them! But they'd not even bothered to send the Rei one anyway! Bah bitter feelings aside, we nearly didn't go until with hours to go I came up with Dir en Grey cosplay (our favourite band in all eternity). Nervous at a last minute cosplay and following a lady with a blue wig to expo we grit our teeth and threw ourselves in to the getting ready ritual in the toilets. I started attacking Jacqui's hair with wax and half a tin of hairspray when a very cute girl, named Liz, asked if we needed a comb. She knew straight away we were doing Diiru cosplay and she started talking to us about Jrock and that she was collecting email adds for her UK Jrock magazine (She was the lady with the clipboard, I hope you all signed it!). We carried on getting ready and after an hour, yes, an hour we emerged scaring small children and their mothers. Liz and her gang (Sendai Kamotsu cosplayers! Amazing!) started stalking us and we just ended up hanging around with them all day! Liz and co (sorry I only remember Liz's name because she almost became a parasite on Kyo's arm) turned out to be dirty northerners like us, and even scarier, Liz lives 5 mins drive from me! By the end of the day we had a big bunch of new friends including Miiol and D, we got on like a big house on fire and we felt very sad to be leaving on separate trains. We traded contact details (how call centre of me) and actually miss everyone already!

So I was wondering; if cosworx hadn't screwed up we'd have our wigs, we wouldn't have done diiru cosplay. Would we have met these amazing friends? Would we have discovered another Diiru lunatic who lives practically on my front door? Would we have met such Jrock obssessed friends who we really can have tea with (Oldham lingo meaning dinner) and even go to each others houses? Dare I say this encounter was meant to happen just so we could have some local jrock fans who not only have the same interests but also have that same dry sense of humour that we do and a similar outlook on life that don't give a damn?!

Weird isn't it?

Did this turn out the way it did because of the turn of events or did some greater power want us to meet? The mystery continues...

I'm not anti-social, I just appreciate silence
14 Sep 2008 - 15:426075

I'm a non-fate believer too, and while it's a nice sentiment you have there, you've gotta remember that the same supposed power that might've organised this meeting would also control your every thought, feeling and action.

You're right though, it's one of those debates that will never end.

16 Sep 2008 - 08:026157
I think the mystery will continue. I do believe in fate but only in a small way. I think its cool that a bad situation turned into a good one.

I hope to get to meet this liz as its aways fab to meet Northen cosplayers.

16 Sep 2008 - 11:216166
That's awesome, I love making new random friends!!

I'm not normally one for fate and that kind of thing (spot the scientist here!) But sometimes I think that every now and again life throws you in strange directions, not always good, but occasionally you end up doing odd and wonderful things, you just have to be open to new ideas and never be afraid to say yes.

I had never heard of cosplay until my friend suggested we go to an expo, and tbh I was skeptical to say the least, but now I look back over the last year, and despite the fact that i now spend my life in the fabric shop I can't believe how much fun I've had, and how many wonderful friends I've made!

Never be afraid of the unknown, you never know what you might find. (Pocky hopefully...)

There is always room for cake
16 Sep 2008 - 11:576168
I'm always thinking about 'what if' situations. If it wasn't for a person that I used to watch on deviantART, then I wouldn't have actually met most of my friends today!

- She made a dA journal about GaiaOnline
- I joined, as did my best friend
- Best friend made a Kingdom Hearts RP thread
- We met a guy on there, PJ
- PJ introduced me to one of my best friends, T
- I invited T to join a KH RP MSN group, where I also met S
- Through T and S I made a ton more friends
- S was the first to go to an expo, we all later met up at one later, where we made a lot more friends together, and tried cosplay for the first time.

So, what if just one of those events didn't happen? It scares me to think that if just one of those events were to be erased, then I actually wouldn't have a lot of my friends =/

17 Sep 2008 - 21:216244
I know! Who would we meet in their place? What would we be up to now? And if we met them under different circumstances would we still be friends? What a strange world!

I'm not anti-social, I just appreciate silence
18 Sep 2008 - 19:066300
Gah you know I agree!! It was downright bizarre!! You knew how much I was stressing and how close we were to not even going!!

20 Sep 2008 - 20:396343
Thinking about fate leads to a hell of a lot of philosophizing really

Such as...if i hadn't been friends with a total...*can't finish sentence without swearing* in year 7, i would have most likely started hanging out with a load of bimbos and never been into anime.

Scary thought xD

20 Sep 2008 - 20:586345
Quote shigures high school girl:
Such as...if i hadn't been friends with a total...*can't finish sentence without swearing* in year 7, i would have most likely started hanging out with a load of bimbos and never been into anime.

Oh touche, I was friends with you back at primary! ;D [Ah the good times!!]

Although I'm guessing the same applies to me actually O_o
I used to be best friends with people that have turned into... bimbos back in primary school. We were all broken up in secondary school and placed in different houses and different populations. I was still close until we all got new friends. Now if I hadn't stopped being best friends with them then I could have possibly NOT got into cosplaying due to the fact that when I went to expos I was never brave enough to do it myself, it was the fact that my friends chose to cosplay with me that I gained the confidence to cosplay ^_^ [Also going to Brownies as a child really helped with hand sewing LOL! But I don't think that counts as we learned how to sew in yr 7-9 in Textiles XDDDD]

I have had other things to do with 'fate' although I think my brain's dying a little as I can't remember them O_o;

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