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08 Sep 2011 - 01:2068941
SELLING: Durarara Cosplay and Hetalia Cosplay (Estonia)
Is anyone interested?
I have no future plans to wear them and they’ve just been sat in my cupboard for too long, they need loving homes and sweaty fangirls to glomp them… okay maybe not that part. Point is, they need more love than they’ll ever get from me.
I am a UK size 14-16. The Estonia costume is a little tight on me, so you can possibly go a size lower, Mikado is a bit baggy (especially the trousers, they were extended so you’ll need a belt), so you can be a bit higher.

THE PRICES LISTED ARE NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING PRICES. I have no idea how much it will be to ship to… wherever you are, I will not charge you full shipping price, just a little to make my wallet happy. I will ship anywhere, but I’m not converting prices because I’m lazy 8’D I will also and only use PayPal.



Jacket, trousers, and weird leather shoulder strap he wears: Will sell for £60 (worn once, good condition)
I will throw in the wig for £2 if you desire it, but it’s not very well cut and the parting in off centre (you can’t tell on this photo, hence why I like it ), so I wont be offended if you say no

Note: As you can see in the pictures, the trousers rise a lot when you sit down, so having some high boots are recommended, I am not selling mine, so please don’t ask me for them.

Mikado (could also count for any school Durarara costume)


Blazer, trousers and tie: will sell for £40 (worn once, good condition)
Wig: Will sell for £15 (this is styled, hence the slightly bigger price.)
Together: Will take off the additional fiver and sell both for £50.

Note: There is a panel at the back which isn’t too visible when wearing the costume, as the blazer covers it. This was because the trousers didn’t fit me when I commissioned them, so they were extended. It’s also missing a couple of belt hooks because of this, once again, not noticeable and still wearable. I just feel that I should inform you.

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