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07 Sep 2011 - 15:1668873
[SELLING] Blonde wig, RARE Kuroshitsuji artbook, nendoroid, spray paints & more!
Selling more bits and bobs in an attempt to raise money for this MCM Expo. Prices are not set in stone; feel free to make offers since in the end this stuff has to go! All prices do not include postage, you gotta personal message me for a custom quote!

Special shout-out:
If anyone has any spare black sculpey, please contact me! Would like to make a trade/buy from you.

Sebastian Nendoroid £10
That lovable butler in chibi form! Comes with all the accessories/pieces pictured. However does not come in the original box but it will be well packaged when posted. One of the faces has a bit of discoloration from sun exposure however I think it makes it look better since sebastian has pale skin anyway and is hardly noticeable!

Kuroshitsuji Artbook £20
In mint condition with gorgeous artwork from the anime, production references, interviews with the seiyus and more. This book from the looks of things is hard to come by online; the cheapest on eBay seems to be £30 not including shipping. Grab yourself a bargain!

Golden Blonde wig £12
This is by far, the nicest wig I have ever owned. It does NOT tangle, or when it does, it brushes out like a dream. It feels just like real hair and is very VERY soft! You can brush out the curls for a wavy look, or if you want the curly style back, just give it a nice wash and the curls snap back!

The colour is really hard to photograph but I edited the colours to match as close as I could.

Gold fabric paint £4
Lumiere Jaquard fabric paint in Metallic Gold. Opened but unused!

Spray Paints
In order from left to right:

Rust-Oleum in Gloss Purple: £2

A nice dark grape purple. Used once for a small tester swatch.

Plastikote Enamel in Yellow 100ml: £2

Nice warm buttercup yellow. Used once for tiny button.

Halfords Ford Solar Gold: £2

Dark Aztec gold. Search for the car in google to get a better idea of the colour. Used once for swatch.

Halfords Toyota Decuma Grey: £2
Slate grey shade with probably 80% of product left. Search for colour of car online for better idea of colour or you can look at my angewomon helmet on profile.

Roxas and Deidara plush toys £4 each

Final Fantasy Advent Children Wallscroll: £3

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08 Sep 2011 - 11:0768960
I may be interested in the Sebastian Nendoroid =) I'll have to see how much I get on the 15th~

08 Sep 2011 - 14:5068978
Quote xWestie:
I may be interested in the Sebastian Nendoroid =) I'll have to see how much I get on the 15th~

Okay I will hold it for ya Westie
Let me know if you can afford it!

10 Sep 2011 - 21:0569274
Bumping! Prices are not set in stone, feel free to make offers. It all needs to go!

02 Nov 2011 - 19:2973612
Definitely interested in the art book~ and if the nendoroid becomes available I can definitely buy that too :3
Let me know?

13 May 2012 - 15:2483939
VERY interested in the blonde wig, if you're still selling?

13 May 2012 - 15:2783940
Quote PintSized_13:
VERY interested in the blonde wig, if you're still selling?

Apologies, this has been sold.

13 May 2012 - 18:1783954
Ah, okay, never mind then xD

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