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11 Sep 2008 - 03:225967
Wig without fringe/bangs
I've finally got my Ni-Chang wig but I'm not too sure about it! It's made from the good stuff kanekalon but I have a sneaky suspicion something is not right! At the front you can see the ends of the hairs where it's woven into the mesh (sorry don't know how to describe this technically but basically it looks really matted and knotted)

This wig has no fringe/bangs. Now I was under the illusion that a wig with no fringe has a centre parting, but this one doesn't, the hairs moveout from the centre skintop and to hide the messy bits the wig needs to be brushed straight outwards from the skintop. So strictly speaking I'd have hair over my face! Is this how all wigs with no fringe are like? Will I have to wait till one day I'm rich enough to have specially commissioned wigs? Or have I been cheated?

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