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28 Aug 2011 - 18:0467923
Any help?
I'm sort of new to cosplaying and recently myself and a friend discovered that there is going to be a Japanese Festival where we live, that is encouraging cosplay.
I've always enjoyed dressing up as a kid, and I wouldn't mind starting again. However...

We're going to make the costumes, since we're can not afford to buy them, but what we are looking for is Bleach masks, similar to Ichigo, Halibel (Haribel?) and the Vizards...since we've decded to go as 'custom' Bleach characters...simply becuase..I'm not thin enough to pull off any of the female mains well XD I admit that...

So if anyone knows how to make them or where to buy them cheaply, please let me know before the 13th of November c:

Cheers, Lauren (Zo)

28 Aug 2011 - 18:4367924
You're referring to DokiDoki Festival in Manchester?
I'll be going to that too!

Sorry, I can't help with what you posted about, just felt I should say this.

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28 Aug 2011 - 19:1167926
If the above poster is right in assuming you're in Manchester...

Look in Forbidden planet, I think they had some bleach merchandise in there. Failing that, there are (or at least there were) a couple of shops in Afleks that did that sorta thing. I've not been tere in a while.


Recently closed his Manchester store, but he'll still order anything for you. If it's not on his website he will get hold of it for you and he's always very helpful.

If you want to paint them yourself you can buy masks in a lot of craft shops (I recommend Fred Aldous which is in the Manchester Northern Quater)

Of course if you're not in Manchester most all of this information is useless

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