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10 Sep 2008 - 22:455953
Just wondering, how important is hair in regards to cosplay?

It's just, i've been hoping to cosplay Maka from Soul Eater but i've overspent enough on wigs this year and i don't fancy dyeing my hair blonde.

I've seen a lot of Maka cosplays that use wigs, and a lot of cosplays with people using their natural hair, a lot of the time brown, and i think it looks a lot better with the natural hair.

Just wondering what other people thought....

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10 Sep 2008 - 23:325959
I guess if it looks kinda like who you want to be I wouldn't think color would matter really, but taht's just my opinion

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11 Sep 2008 - 03:095966
I personally am ridiculously anal about the hair thing. I struggle understanding why someone would put all the effort in the outfit then not bother with the hair. *BUT* that is my snobby opinion and your decision shouldn't be affected by people like me! If you feel comfy with not going with a wig then bloody go for it! I'm an all or nothing person and I would bankrupt myself to go the extra mile but I don't recommend it, it's stupid! Good luck and I'm sure whatever your decision, it'll be the right one! ^^

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11 Sep 2008 - 11:415975
I don't really understand why people think that hair is any less important than the costume. My personal opinion, if you want to dress as a character, then why doesn't the hair count all of a sudden?

Trying to put this as nicely as possible - I think it's a bit lazy if you don't go for the hair as well as the costume >=

11 Sep 2008 - 12:375976
It depends on what your own hair is like really and what you are happy with/the effect you are trying to achieve.

I personally have quite thin hair, so I look back at old costume photos before I used wigs and think it detracts from the costume, but I've seen people with thicker hair or more realistic characters do great wig-less costumes. I think there's room to tweak the colour, as long as the style is right.

It's the difference between looking like you borrowed the characters clothes and looking like that character, either is fine.

Edit: If it's just a matter of money, try asking if anyone going to the same event can lend you a similar wig

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12 Sep 2008 - 03:346005
I think it can help a costume really well if the hair dose match. I'm not a huge fan of wearing wigs so I tie all my cosplays to my own hair colour and it works well. I doubt it would work as well with the wrong hair colour. Especially with a character whos hair is quite a focal point of they're appearance.

12 Sep 2008 - 12:336010
sticky problem.

lotsa characters have weird and unique hair, so (in my opinion) it does detract from the cosplay if you make no effort in that area.

i second the borrowing motion as the most appropriate solution.

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