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24 Aug 2011 - 21:0967589
Selling: Prince of Tennis CDs, Wigs, Clothes, Jewellery MOVED TO EBAY
Notes: Items for sale again! Paypal only please. Prices are not all inclusive so please ask me for postage costs. Feel free to comment here, PM me or e-mail me at

I have other items for sale, please check them out here on this link!http://thriftstoreuk.livejournal.com/24609786.html

I'm selling an Angel of Dream Rao MSD BJD 45cm (http://www.aoddoll.net/ProDetail.asp?id=23) I am selling her complete with make-up (face-up), eyes, wig and the entire outfit I bought for her, I can give you details of each item if you require! I'm asking £115 plus shipping. For the cost of the doll, original face-up, wig and outfit it would have been £160, so you are saving £45. :--)

The Prince of Tennis Cap & Bin Character Single "Tonde! Mawatte! Mata raishuu!" - £4

The Prince of Tennis Kaidoh Kaoru Character Single "Sekai wa Kawaru" - £4

The Prince of Tennis Inui Sadaharu Character Single "Distance" - £4

The Prince of Tennis Inui Sadaharu Character Album "E=mc2" - £8

The Prince of Tennis Musical The Imperiam Match Album - £8

REDUCED PRICES - £5 for album, £3 for single. £15 for all

Never worn: 2 Tone Blonde Wig KANEKALON BNWT - £10

Short Brown Wig (Worn once) - £5

Yellow Blonde Wig (Worn once for Gunji) - £5


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26 Oct 2011 - 01:4473148
Just replying to my own thread to say I have reduced the prices of all remaining items and added some new items! Thanks!

03 Nov 2011 - 18:0673670
Bumping my own thread to say please please please make an offer! It goes in my cosplay fund, hur hur! :--)

11 Nov 2011 - 13:0474146
I have since moved all the sales to eBay, sorry! Please find them here:

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