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24 Aug 2011 - 15:1667535
Link costumes to a cosplay group?
Just a thought, but it would be awesome to be able to link costumes up to a group- for example, if I were cosplaying with a group of four friends, I could specify that in my costume information and on the costume page, you could see a list of other cosplayers in that group, along with a link to the page for their costumes. It would be a great way of keeping track of what groups are going to which events, and make it easier to keep track of costume progress with the other members in your group! I'm not sure how easy it would be to impliment to the website, but I'd love to see something like that!

Also, is it possible to hide or remove 'recent forum activity' from our profile overviews? I've only posted on the forum two or three times, so I've got links to posts from three or four years ago still showing as 'recent activity'!

24 Aug 2011 - 17:0467549
You can pretty much do this yourself anyway.
You just need to use HTML to put a hyperlink in and I'm pretty sure you can also set the clickable link to display as whatever text you want it to.

I used to know how but I'm sure google will have the answer by searching something like:

"HTML Hyperlinks" or something.

I'd have thought that implementing something like that into the text body part of the costume info page would be pretty difficult and fiddly and seeing as you can actually put links in there using HTML (I've done it before) you may as well just find a tutorial and do it like that.

Not saying it wouldn't be a cool feature though.

24 Aug 2011 - 18:5267561
I didn't realise that you could use HTML in costume descriptions! I already know how to write hyperlinks- I just wasn't too sure whether links and other HTML jobs would work in descriptions. Thanks for pointing that out!

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