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24 Aug 2011 - 09:5167505
Pokemon Cards - Including Base Set Charizard
Hello there, I'm fairly strapped for cash at the moment, so I'm selling some of the cards I consider deck worthy... that I am not using asnd a few that will just gather dust.

Ebay link to items - http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/katana297/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562

2 X Black and White: Emboar 20/114 Holo Rare 150HP

These in my opinion, are great for a fire deck.

1 X Black and White: Zoroark 71/114 Reverese Holo Rare 100HP

This can be very useful in a dark deck. ( I use one in my grass / dark deck)


1 X Base Set Charizard Holo Rare 120HP

This card I love, but I really need the money I can get for it, I'm going to be really sad to let it go as its been with me for a few years now lol.

1 X Zoroark and Legendary Pokemon Jumbo Oversized Card Promo

Well, this has just been sitting around collecting dust, so it can go to a new home!

So whether it be for your collection, deck or even if you think they look nice XD have a look at them :3



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