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23 Aug 2011 - 18:4767428
Excuse me for sounding like a cosplay noob..
But is there a difference between a Con and an Expo? people talk about them as if they are very different but i assumed it was the same sort of event?

23 Aug 2011 - 18:5867430
To my knowledge, expos (specifically the London MCM) focus on a wide range of TV shows/games/movies etc, while Conventions are generally anime based.

23 Aug 2011 - 19:0967431
I'm so glad you asked.

An Expo (Exposition) is a day-time event featuring a wide range of media and merchandise. It's a market and showcase primarily, with a few other bells and whistles attached.

A Con (Convention) is a weekend long (usually on weekends, but they last 2 or more nights) on-site event which runs 24hours for a more focused demographic. In our case it's anime and manga, with loads of events, screenings, places to get information (panels) and generally so much more on offer. Being at most cons you get a membership badge, such as Kitacon. There is a dealer's room, as well as games rooms. The events in question are such as masquarades, anime themed parties, and even things like Fushicon's frock night which is a prom style ball. Except Frock night requires masks as mandatory (but there's a ton of support for this)

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23 Aug 2011 - 19:1667432
Ah! Thankyou very much!
So far i have only been to the Manchester expo but by the sound of things i need to get myself to a Con!

23 Aug 2011 - 19:3267434
You won't regret it.

One of the things I love about Cons is that they make you feel like YOU are the convention. And it's true, the attendees create the convention itself as in the feel and atmosphere. The incredible hard work and dedication the good people who organise the conventions is reciprocated by the members who get involved and make the organisers happy by having an awesome kick-ass time.

At expos, for me there feels like a wall between the attendees and everything else.

23 Aug 2011 - 20:0767440
The MCM Expo in London does have events and voice actor/TV star panels though as well as getting people involved on smaller stages/cosplay masquerade etc, so I would say that it's similar to something like a con.

Either is a lot of fun though really.

23 Aug 2011 - 22:0367465
Expos tend to be cheaper to enter too! Cons tend to be more expensive to get into, 'cus it's for a whole weekend, I guess. ^^

I've been to a couple of expos, and they were lots of fun. I've never been to a convention, but I assume they'll be hella fun tooo! <3

23 Aug 2011 - 22:2067468
As an additional note: Expos tend to be run by someone/thing/businesses/industry for profit, Conventions are usually run by the fans for the fans.

Personally, I think MCM Expo is a pain in the rear. Cons are much better for the lack of a profit/business interest in the decisions being made - most are not for profit/aim to break even. =)

23 Aug 2011 - 22:5167471
Ah, Junta beat me to it

Expos are a business run for profit, so they are designed to get as many people through the doors as possible and don't expect them to stay for long.

Cons are mostly non-profit and run by fans for fans. Their design is for people to stay the whole weekend so they pack it with events and panels and can only cater for set numbers of people which makes the ticket price higher than an Expo. Cons have the community feel to them.

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