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23 Aug 2011 - 17:2367426
So! I am ashamed to say that aswell as CosplayIsland.. im a little addicted to Tumblr, and i would love to follow all you other Cosplay fans

I am http://amyirvingphotography.tumblr.com

What about everyone else?

23 Aug 2011 - 19:3767444
I just followed you. Here's mine.


I need more people to follow on Tumblr, so don't hesitate.

Photobu</div></td> </tr>
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23 Aug 2011 - 19:4767448

Though I rarely post any cosplay stuff...mostly fandom stuff =3

23 Aug 2011 - 20:2867459
http://papillionbleu.tumblr.com/ is mine, but I don't post too often and I do post a loooot of self-posts ^^;;

I'm intending to post more often soon, though

23 Aug 2011 - 20:3067463

Mostly random ranting, stories about silly things my kitten does and stuff
Occasionally stuff about cosplay or arty things

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23 Aug 2011 - 20:5167464

Yes I have the most cringe-worthy URL ever
It's a substitute until I can think of something better but I haven't yet... It's been months since I got Tumblr and I still can't think of a better URL so it's sticking for now orz...

Prepare for lots of Ayacon photo spam!! I have a huge backlog of photos to upload. But once they've all been uploaded my Tumblr will quieten down and it will go back to the usual reblogs that I find cute or funny

23 Aug 2011 - 21:0667466

I love tumblr but what I post is usually random with some cosplay selfpost thrown in!

23 Aug 2011 - 21:4467469
aghhh too many new Tumblrs to follow! I'll try and get through everyone and follow you all tomorrow, but right now I want to sleep!

In the mean time heres mine, I could do with some more followers, then I can trick myself into thinking that people actually care what I think! LOL!


23 Aug 2011 - 22:2667474

Heres mine!!!

Feel free to follow ^^

Alcon 2016

23 Aug 2011 - 22:4567476
i am too badly addicted to tumblr -


23 Aug 2011 - 22:4967477
I'm so happy this thread was created, I needed to follow more people! 8D

23 Aug 2011 - 22:5367478
Here's mine =]

23 Aug 2011 - 23:0067479
Haha, thanks to everyone who followed me. Now I have a bit more reason to post... I am pretty crazy on tumblr, by the way. XD

Photobu</div></td> </tr>
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23 Aug 2011 - 23:0467480
Well I'd post mine, but mine is full of my messed up world due to my messed up brain. D:

You can has my Facebook though. xD

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23 Aug 2011 - 23:3167482

I have alot of Ayacon spam on there atm. It isn't usually like that! haha ~

*is a total Tumblr addict*

24 Aug 2011 - 07:2567496
Mine is the below c: Feel free to join, although it isn't as entertaining as others I imagine xD


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24 Aug 2011 - 08:3367499
Mine's here... http://electricfreight.tumblr.com/

Completely random really, but feel free to follow, XD

24 Aug 2011 - 09:1167501
did not expect so many replies! So many new people to follow ^_^

24 Aug 2011 - 18:3467568
Tumblr is fun ^^ Ill follow you guys too.

Alcon 2016

24 Aug 2011 - 19:3367576
Mine's here, but a few words of warning: it's often NSFW, I curse a lot and 95% of my posts are Pokémon, Homestuck, Minecraft and Yogscast. I usually post too much too, haha. But feel free~

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24 Aug 2011 - 19:4367581

This is me I might follow some of you guys~

24 Aug 2011 - 19:5767585

I so following you guys x3 - I want more cosplayers on my dash

my blog tends to be a mix of fandom/amusing crap/cosplays/ the occasional rant

mostly amusing crap


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24 Aug 2011 - 19:5867587

I reblog a lot of 'geeky' things and various things I like. Trying to get more cosplay up there. Have occasionally posted some stuff from CI, intend to post more (always with credit of course) although now I feel a little guilty for that =p

Shall probably follow a fair few of you. Especially those that post cosplay, would be nice to have more of it on my dash.

(Mine's a little quiet at the moment as I cut down the queue because I was on holiday, hopefully building it up again and posting more often though soon)


Edit: I did just in fact follow you all, because it was easier =p

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24 Aug 2011 - 20:1267591
Here is my Tumblr. I mainly reblog Doctor Who, Professor Layton, Torchwood, Harry Potter, other Geeky Stuff and Positive-Minded stuff.

It would mean a lot if you could SO TOTALLY "LIKE" ME on Facebook! ^_^

My Cosplay plans change a lot! If they conflict with what I've written elsewhere, the most recent take preference.
24 Aug 2011 - 22:1867616
http://jesikira.tumblr.com/ - Is meee~

Yaaaay, more people to follow x'D
*is currently obsessed with tumblr*

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