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20 Aug 2011 - 22:3767240
Leather Supplier
Anyone know of any good leather suppliers which ship to Europe? If you know of any shops which sell really good imitation/faux that's good too, though genuine leather would be best.

23 Aug 2011 - 11:3167390
I *think* these guys will ship internationally...


their stock is really good quality.

27 Aug 2011 - 22:2967881
Have you tried going to a local Saddler? They should be able to get good quality leather for you.
I did this for my Elizabeth Swann costume and they were really helpful since they could advise me on what type/size of leather would be best suited and gave me lots of advise for sewing/construction ^^
May be worth a try anyway!

23 Oct 2011 - 10:1372915
dont know if its to late but..

thats the only 1 ive used.

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