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14 Sep 2011 - 17:5869782
Quote plastic_anime:
Totally agree, the yellow one is just NOT nice, yuk!
I personally think the lo carb one is as nice - its not going to be spot-on as nice as the green one, but for a 'diet' version, it really ain't 'alf bad. I mean, the only other 'diet' drink I can tolerate is Pepsi Max. I mean diet coke, wtf? Y U NO TASTE RIGHT?
Yeah, Pepsi Max is alright, Diet stuff just doesn't agree with me... It's like... It tries to be healthy, but it ends up tasting worse than any healthy drink could. D:

But yeah, next time I'm in town I might have to get a Lo Carb one as well... I'd probably be much more inclined to drink it if it actually tasted vaguely as nice as the original.

I'll let you know my thoughts when I try it... XD

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15 Sep 2011 - 14:1769881
Relevantly unrelated - two names I have for coffee or for when I am going to go get a coffee:

a New York Brew .. this amuses my work mate to no end.

and this one is a little bit epicmealtime related ..

Arabian SAUS!

Any one else got any off normal nicknames for tea and coffee ect?

15 Sep 2011 - 14:4269883
We usually call it a mash, or a brew, or a cuppa.

I love "New york brew". That's pretty neat.

Recently my friends in manchester are adopting what the indian name is; char/chaa. Probably cus we're all crazy Gundam fans.

And if we brew our tea to be reddish, it means it's 3 times tastier.

15 Sep 2011 - 15:0269884
You keep New York Brew Jae, I allow you the use of my parlé.

Hahah red things go faster!

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