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17 Aug 2011 - 18:1967032
Hi Everyone! -- Making Cosplay Doc...
Hi Everyone!

My name is Ben Aston, filmmaker and current 3rd Term student and the London Film School. As part of our coming term, our course requires that we make a 10-15min documentary to be shot over a week.

I've decided that the perfect subject is something rather close to my heart, Cosplay. It's perfect, its fun, charming and, well, just cool. I have several friends that cosplay in the US, but don't really know anyone in the scene over here. We'll be at the London MCM Expo this October and would love to meet people who are interested in being part of it. We'd love to see interview you, see the work that goes in, and the final product!

If you're interested or have any advice please get back to me here or at . I'll be on these forums for the next good while!

In addition, I feel I should emphasise that we have no intention of making anything exploitive or mean spirited; we just want make a film about real people, and unreal costumes.

You can find some of my work here - http://www.paperepic.com/

All the best!


19 Aug 2011 - 13:2667166
I'm sure this thread isn't entirely necessary, pretty much everyone is willing to chat or get interviewed at expo if you tell them what it's for

Just be confident and talk to people, point out something nice about their costume, or chat about the series it's from, you'll soon meet plenty of people at expo.

Just be careful about people's ages, I'm not sure how laws go with publishing images/video of underage people without parental permission~

19 Aug 2011 - 15:3067174
I agree with spider
I would love to do it ;D
So just ask around at expo, someone is bound to say yes ^-^

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