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08 Sep 2008 - 17:475835
Cosmode USA

A friend came across this in the Forbidden Planet in Central London yesterday. There are alot of photographs (over a 100 pages according to the cover). I think alot of them came from the Japanese edition as well. It seems like a book because it has a hardback cover but it seems to be a magazine (there are quite a few adverts at the back).

There are alot of tutorials in there as well. They include a Gintama Shinsegumi jacket, kimono, two different kinds of boot covers and body suits (By that I mean fake muscles). There's usual section on wig styling as well. At the back there are even profiles on US cosplayers and photographers.

I'm not sure how regular this will be be, the publisher's website has TBA for volume 2 as they call it. I paid £12 for it, which isn't to bad I guess (might be less if it wasn't hardback). I hope it continues to be published.

On a side note: the Japanese version seems to be available online in English.


It looks like you have to sign up and pay for the issues.

08 Sep 2008 - 18:075840
It is worth paying for. Its a good read, and helpful in a lot of ways.

Its better than anything in the UK (generally because the UK doesn't have anything like that).

They're actually advertising on Cos.com for profiles of cosplayers other than Japanese ones, so they can feature them too.

08 Sep 2008 - 20:505853
I actually picked up a copy of this a couple of weeks ago while I was in Japan town in San Francisco, the USA version is really good, and the online version is well worth it (sign up for a free copy of the first online issue) if you hover over the txt it gives you it in which ever language you selected, including English!

Borders.com stock the first cosmode usa version and will ship to the uk if you cant find it anywhere else!

There is always room for cake
10 Sep 2008 - 10:455934
I took a look at the online version and quite a few of the pictures in it are also featured in the USA version. The exercise part was strange (or maybe I'm missing the point).

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