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16 Aug 2011 - 20:3366984
Stewarding the MCM Expo?
Ok so now all that fussing is finally out the way and my costume is awaiting purchasing . There is just one more thing i want to be sure of before i get to work. My parents recommend i get to know a little more about cosplay before i start spending money i mean it is essentially a whole new thing im stepping into and as with anything i may not feel the same when im there so i just need a little advice on what to expect from the convention. Also while im aiming for the may convention i might give stewarding the october convention a go just to get a feel from the atmosphere. Anyone recommend this or have any advice on stewarding the convention or what to expect from a cosplay convention. Just the little things will help me like how friendly are people? how much am i looking at taking away with me? Am i covered for travel and accomodation when stewarding? What are the good and bad points etc

16 Aug 2011 - 21:0766987
Well, what I honestly think is that everyone's experiences are different, the only way you can really find out is too experience an expo yourself.

That being said, I go to MCM myself, so I can say a few general things you'll probably find.

- On the whole, people are very friendly.
- It can get pretty packed and/or hot.
- You'll more than likely get hugged by random strangers.
- You only have to look to find people caramelldansen. XD
- People who run shops are usually great.
- You do notice a big difference if you are/aren't in cosplay.
- It's usually a good idea to plan ahead, especially if you're in cosplay as some outfits can be quite taxing to wear for long periods of time. Plan your breaks, meals etc. Also bear in mind that there are no "Safe rooms" to keep your stuff, either you book a hotel room or you lug your stuff around with you.

Like I said, you can only really make up your own mind. Everyone has different experiences at cons, so just go, take it easy if you want and just try and make the most of it.

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16 Aug 2011 - 21:4066989
I really want it to work out for me because i need a break away where i can just enjoy myself and not feel stressed. I just hope my shy personality doesnt hold me back too much.

16 Aug 2011 - 22:3666996
Hiya, if you want to help out at the Cosplay desk to get a feel for what it's like, drop Joe Sutton an email at to ask if he's got any volunteer slots ^^

16 Aug 2011 - 22:5466998
Thank you so much i will keep it in mind....but then again if im going there to see what its like it cant be much different from going in a costume can it? your more or less dressed up like everyone there so essentially i may aswell just get it over with and go in costume :3 as with anything in life i guess the best approach to your fears are to just jump straight in the deep end ^^

17 Aug 2011 - 09:1967004
Quote Han Hyuga:
Also bear in mind that there are no "Safe rooms" to keep your stuff, either you book a hotel room or you lug your stuff around with you.

Thats not strictly true, we opperate a bag drop for cosplayers at the cosplay desk so that you don't have to cart your costume or change of clothes around with you all day. Theres also lockers available in the Excel centre.

Cosplay Coordinator - MCM Expo
Cosplay Events Officer - Amecon
17 Aug 2011 - 13:3067012
The people there are mega friendly. I remember my first time, I liturally walked though the door and got hugged xD
I dont stay inside much. I only look around at what you could buy for a bit then I head on outside because there is usually lots of crazy fun things going on out there :3
I only bring about £50-£60 because i'm ususally only buying posters or plushies and I don't eat much on the day, I just drink alot because it can get quite hot.
You have nothing to worry about. I was really excited about my first time but at the same time quite nervous as I can be quite shy too, but it's totally worth going to, you're bound to make friends ^^

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