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15 Aug 2011 - 17:5166835
Selling~Manga, Anime etc.
Hey all, I've finally decided to sell pretty much all of my anime and manga related stuff. As much as I love having it, it just takes up waay too much space and I don't actually use any of it.

Atm, I only have some books and DVDs listed, but as soon as I can get pics of everything else I have, I'll upload them too ^__^

Prices do not include shipping. Depending on how much you buy, shipping will change, but one volume of manga costs about £1 to post...

I'll also be going to October Expo, so you can collect from me there if you wish ^___^

I will only accept Paypal for payment.

Manga, All volumes £3 each unless otherwise stated. If you're buying a lot I'll probably cut you a deal though ^___^

Bleach, volumes 1-29.

Reborn! Vols 1-5 [ON HOLD]

Soul Eater, vols 1-2

D.Gray-Man, vols 1-4

Death Note, vols 1-12

Rurouni Kenshin, vols 1-4

Black Butler, vol 1

Zombiepowder, vol 1

Aoi House, vol 1

Gothic Sports, vols 1-3

In Dream World, vol 1

King of Hell, vols 1-2

Ouran High School Host Club, vol 9

Megatokyo, vol 5

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, vols 1-2

Bakuman, vol 1

Dramacon, vol 1

Bizenghast, vol 1

Blood Sucker, vol 1

Trigun Maximum, vols 1-3 [ON HOLD]

Spice and Wolf, vol 1

Vampire Knight vol 1

Lucky Star vol 1

Domo The Manga (£2, it's kind of tiny)

Vampire Hunter D, vol 2 (£8, it's kind of big)

DVDs! Individually priced

Bleach series 1 boxset £8
--Box is a little tatty round the corners, but otherwise fine

Innocent Venus vol 1 £2

Utawarerumono vol 1 £2

Jinki:Extend vol 2 £2

Spirited Away £5
--2 disk version with special features

Princess Mononoke £3

Samurai Champloo vol 1 £2

That's all for now, I'll take some pics of everything tomorrow though

In Progress:
Taokaka; Blaz Blue
Jennyanydots (Gumbie Coat); Cats The Musical

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15 Aug 2011 - 17:5666838
does this mean your selling death note volume 4?
Because if so i'm interested ^^
How much will shipping be just for that item?

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15 Aug 2011 - 18:0966843
Shipping for one volume is £1 first class (I'll update the notice with this)

In Progress:
Taokaka; Blaz Blue
Jennyanydots (Gumbie Coat); Cats The Musical
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