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15 Feb 2012 - 13:3078955
Quote Angel Tear:
Inside the hall don't they sometimes have these little cubicles where you can get changed into your costumes? I've never actually used them but I have seen them around.

They definitely had them when Midlands started off, but I'm not entirely sure about recently. Granted that's because I haven't been looking out for them, but sometimes they have done, yes

Quote sarmander:
Can anyone tell me if there changing rooms (or toilets that people use, lol) and anywhere to leave bags/coats? Cheers!

As for storage space, things can be left at the Cosplay Desk provided they have the room for it. As far as I'm aware though, it's not a storage space for leaving all your shopping as you go gallivanting off - I think it's more for props/big costumes etc to be used during the masquerade that don't want to be carried around all day. Don't quote me on that though

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17 Feb 2012 - 11:5079070
They do have changing rooms this year http://www.myebook.com/ebook_viewer.php?ebookId=114597 'cosplay changing' is marked on the map.

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