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11 Aug 2011 - 16:5766206
Computer Avatar Setting?
Hi Guys.
As a Techno Phobe(We used to write on slats at at school),can anyone tell this Old Fart how to upload my Avatar.
It took me ages to put the Batman on,I've exhausted all ideas,so can any of you Super Smart Youngsters,help your Grandad please!!!!!
Thanks nafnamtab

11 Aug 2011 - 17:0966208
If you click "Profile" at the top of the page, it'll bring up your profile. In the top right it'll say "Edit Profile" and you want to click that.

The next page, there'll be new tabs at the top. One should say "Account Settings" and if you click that and go down, there'll be a section for "picture" and that's where you do your avatar ^_^

Gonna move this to the right section and PM you the information too so you can have better access to it!


CosplayIsland Staff Member

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