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03 Sep 2008 - 15:015704
White Wig Help Please
Hey guys

i've been trolling the net/ebay for a good white wig with good hair wefts <- hope thats the right word.

I'm planning to make the Sailor Cosmos wig myself and luckily had a practice and know how to do it.

Now I've only really ordered from cosplaywig on Ebay. but they don't sell the type of wig I'm looking for >.< and I know Cosworx are supposed to be good but heard they charge loads for delievery?

I practiced with my wig from Professionalonly and there is too little hair to work with as it causes patches no matter what I seem to do.

I'm looking for a white White wig with prefably bangs already and very good hair wefts (as I have to create a parting at a back and don't want it to be too patchy looking.

03 Sep 2008 - 15:205705
I'm gonna order my Sasuke wig from here


not sure you'll find what your looking for here but work a look they have some good wigs =)

not used the site yet but heard it's reliable.

Jesus can walk on water, but then again so can everyone in naruto

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03 Sep 2008 - 15:425706
You could try buying two of your usual wigs and cutting the wefts out of one to sew into the gaps on the other.

03 Sep 2008 - 15:445707
It’s worth noting that to do a style like Sailor Cosmos, you’ll have to be using extensions regardless, so consider putting some round the edges of the wig too. It’s pretty hard to get a nice neat, non-patchy updo style without adding any wefts around the edges. That said, using a thicker base wig to start does make things easier, and they tend to be the better quality wigs anyway.

CosWorx is a good bet - the New Look and Sepia brand wigs they sell are suitably thick as a base. Frequently wigs without a fringe have a tendency to be thicker, so you may wish to consider cutting in your own. However, their Kelly wig is alright for updos, it has a fringe, and comes in white. As I said above, I still think you will need wefts round the hairline for whatever wig you use, but the Kelly would be a reasonable base.

Their shipping is a little costly, and you can run the risk of customs charges, but I don’t think it’s bad overall, especially with the $ exchange rate! (but run before the pound gets any weaker…)

eBay sellers don’t have the thickest wigs (to generalise the Hong Kong/Chinese wig sellers, like professional only) and those aren’t so good for extensive styling. There are others who have some thicker ones, they tend to be exactly the same New Look wigs that CosWorx has, so have a browse, see if you find them cheaper.

Other good wig sites (Amphigory, Cyperous) will be more expensive than CosWorx, but do have lovely wigs.

If you’re not set on pure white, this wig comes in pale blonde, and has a handy backpart already there! I highly recommend it.

Please have a read through of this tutorial. It’s got a lot of what I just said here on where to buy wigs and the characteristics of various brands. I imagine the info on wefts, buns, and pigtails would help you too!

03 Sep 2008 - 16:185708
thanks you :3

i shud of checked the tutorials >.< buhh brain has rotted away abit too much

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