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31 Jul 2011 - 19:2764854
Shaman King Group for Doki Doki Fest
Hey there people we are looking for Shaman King cosplayers for the Doki Doki fest in Manchester (November 13th)

Looking for everyone! A Massive group of doom for epic photos and battle shots too *spazz*

Main people;
Yoh -
Anna -
Horo Horo - Koiice
Ren/Len - DarkieKun
Rio -
Morty -
Hao/Zeke -
Faust VIII -
Lyserg Diethel -
Chocolove -

Spirits; (I WANT A BASON! That is all....... XD)
Amidamaru -
Lee Pai-Long -
Bason -
Kororo/Corie -
Tokagero -
Eliza -
Spirit of Fire -

Plus anyone else XD But as Len I demand a Bason......>3>

8D any takers???

06 Aug 2011 - 19:5365687
awe man i wish i could make it so i could bring out my kororo again

[edit] but looking at the trains i might be able to go ^^

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12 Aug 2011 - 11:3766258
I have no plans for it yet so let me get back to you 8D
Im up for Jeanne (lolita outfit) or Lyserg :3
Mainly Jeanne so wana shove me down as her if thats ok?

Recorded butterflies in the twilight. Sneak out the closet~♪
11 Nov 2011 - 18:1774165
anna cosplayer
I am going as chrona from soul eater but my friend is going as Anna!
she hasn't got a account so she told me to send you this

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