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07 Dec 2011 - 20:5775565
Another Newcastle peep here! Great to see so many of us! I'll be trying to attent Nemacon next year, maybe sunnycon too - alongside my usual london expo visit! So maybe I'll see some of you there!

18 Dec 2011 - 10:5476093
How do!
Another North East cosplayer here too!

Peace, Love and Tea <3

04 Jan 2012 - 22:0376843
Heyo Cosplayer from Durham here! xD living in Sunderland atm though :'(

Any of you peeps going to May Expo ? Tempted by Sunnycon but just not in cosplay~

(And I love Hetalia Jokes_On_You x) I'm going to be cosplaying Romano for May ~ haha)

08 Feb 2012 - 08:3878529
Cosplayer from hartlepool HEREZ
ill be going to sunnycon and nemacon, did you know theres also anime attacks in gateshead?

Domino, one half of Dragon Jacket Pro.
05 Jul 2012 - 15:2787168
Heya! I cosplay and I'm from Durham xD I'm really looking for a group since I went to a convention all by my selfs and felt really left out xD I didn't know that there were so mane NE England cosplayers!! *Le happy dance*

27 Jul 2012 - 15:0488296
Hello fellow cosplayer! :3
I am from newcastle! I have lived there my whole life!
I also cosplay hetalia! If you would like to talk i'm here~ So...yeah o3o
Also, if you wanna hang out I will! Just ask me.

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06 Aug 2012 - 20:5588893
Hey, I'm from the North east because I'm awesome like that...

13 Aug 2012 - 19:1589247
Im from the north east tooooo
Im interested in going but It depends if I can get the money :I
If I did come Im pretty into batman so I guess if I did come it would be harley quinn
PS:I like your username XDDD

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