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25 Jul 2011 - 22:0364299
Selling Amine figures, Keyrings and VK necklace
I'm sad to see some of my Amine figures go, but decided this would be the best option to sell these figures as I need money. Also, I have a lot of figures which have never been displayed, never opened OR opened & never displayed and they are taking a lot of space in my room.

- Items are in good condition unless stated

- If you require more pictures or you want pictures of the figures out of the box, then I would take some on request. However, if the box is new and sealed, I will not take the figure out of the box for pics .. sorry!

- Unless your collecting the item, I will only hold items for a maximum of 7 days.

- I prefer payment by Paypal or cash in hand. I can also accept cheques or postal order

- Prices do not include postage and I will combine postage for multiple items. Postage prices will be around £0.50 - £2.50, depending on the size and weight of item.

- If you live in Birmingham or Coventry, then your welcome to collect to save on postage. Please note I am only available in Coventry on Saturdays only.

- I can accept collections at Ayacon, but please note I will be carrying an oversized prop on the train and will be unable to carry large box figures. I can only bring smaller items (keyrings, mini figures)

- Finally, if my prices are too high, I maybe willing to lower my prices as long as the offer is reasonable.

Asuka (Army) Evangelion - £12
- Figure has been taken out of the box, but never displayed
- Box has some minor sellotape marks from opening the box

Jo and Meg Burst Angel/Bakuretsu Tenshi figures - £15 each or £25 for both - SOLD
- Figures have been taken out of box, but never displayed

Ashe Final Fantasy XII - £10
- Figure has previously been taken out of box for display

Yuna Final Fantasy X - £5 - SOLD

Chii Chobits - £12
- New and sealed & never displayed
- The edges of the box has minor wear, but figure is in mint condition.

Akari To Heart - £20
- Figure has previously been taken out of the box for display.
- Box has a minor dent, but figure is in a good mint condition.

Final fantasy trading Arts Vol.1 - £10 - SOLD

Love Hina figure - £5
- Box has minor sellotape marks from opening the box

Misa Death Note bobble head - £3

Sumire Sakura Taisen - £2.50 - ON HOLD

Ichigo BLEACH keyring - £3 - ON HOLD
- New and sealed

Vampire Knight necklace - £3 - ON HOLD

Orihime BLEACH keyring - £2.50
- Orihime's hair has minor paint wear

Full metal Alchemist keyring - £3

4 Pokemon mini figures (Hypno, Shelder, Magneton and Dugtrio) - £0.50

2 Hello kitty phone charms - £0.50 - ON HOLD

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27 Jul 2011 - 15:4664426
commented on ayacon forums, but thought I'd just post here to let you know.

29 Jul 2011 - 20:0964724
Angel Tear - I have replied to you on the AyaCon forums.

Just a small update
Final Fantasy Trading arts figures are SOLD

29 Jul 2011 - 22:1464734
D8 Joe figure Do wannnnnnnnt them Burt angel ones 8)

30 Jul 2011 - 10:5964747
Quote Darkiekun:
D8 Joe figure Do wannnnnnnnt them Burt angel ones 8)

Thanks for your interest, but someone has already PM'd me for those figures and arranged to collect them. Sorry!

If the person changes her mind for those figures, then I'll hold them for you next

03 Aug 2011 - 18:0065326
^o^do you still have the two helly kitty charms?

03 Aug 2011 - 22:5265391
Quote Yuki-Kiba-Chan:
^o^do you still have the two helly kitty charms?

Yes, they are still available.
The total to pay will be £1 which includes 50p for postage. Are you still interested?

05 Aug 2011 - 20:0965572
hey im interested in the ichigo keyring

"I want you to remember this coz one day it may save your life, i defenitly am mad man with a box" - The Doctor

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05 Aug 2011 - 22:1365592
UPDATE:- The Asuka figure and FMA keyring is off hold and still available

Quote ryuuzaki88:
hey im interested in the ichigo keyring

I've sent you a PM

29 Apr 2012 - 22:5583264
FMA keyring
interested in your FMA keyring but can't quite tell what it's off, could you describe it and send me a clearer picture please?

13 Jan 2013 - 23:4195886
Interested in the Ashe FFXII figure.

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