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24 Jul 2011 - 19:0364162
how to make rubber armour?
i'm currently making a space marine suit from starcraft 2 . the solid parts of the costume i have sussed via pepakura fibreglass and body filler . the thing i'm stuck with is the items that need to look rigid but allow movement , so being made of rubber would be good .
i have seen tutorials for making rubber molds but cannot find any tutorials or advice for making rubber items from molds ....can anyone please help as the costume all hinges on these being done well

24 Jul 2011 - 19:1364163
Maybe you could make a negative mould of what you are making. Pour a small amount of the melted rubber or whatever you are using, and then, move it about so it covers the mould equally but not completely fill it. Or if you wanted to make it fit to whatever part of your body nice and snuggly you could put a little mould of your, lets say leg, and put that in the middle, seal of one end of the negative mould and then pour the rubber in the space between. Thats what i would do anyways ^^

24 Jul 2011 - 23:3564194
Instead of using rubber you could maybe use liquid latex which is quite freely available and can move about. How flexible does the parts need to be?

Do you have an example picture of the bits that you might want to use this technique on and people might be able to suggest alternatives?

If it's only a bit of flexibility you need you could maybe use something like upholstery foam (think sofa cushions) coated in liquid latex this will give you lots of bend but will also look solid when not being stressed because if it's big blocks of rubber you plan to use it can get heavy (and hot) very quickly. -Edit- ok just looking at your costume page there's no way you'd get that level of detail with upholstery foam. You might find some good latex tutorials on how to run the latex over the mold you have now.

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