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23 Jul 2011 - 15:5164066
Anyone good at creating wigs?
heya need some help from anyone who is good at creating wigs!
im a fan of duel monsters (or yugioh)... im a duelist myself, watched the abriged series, watching thru the 5d's series's havent started watching zexal just yet.
but anyway im not a fan of the main characters jsut cus most people who i see cosplay as a yugioh character always do the main story line characters, i never like douing the main story line characters. Which is why im trying to finsih off creating a duke devlin cosplay (with sexy back theme music lol )
would appreciate if anyone could make a wig for me that matches his hair style. Im new to cosplaying only started recently but would like to make this cosplay as close to the cartoon as possible.. n i have no clue on how to make a wig which is why im asking for prices of commisioning a wig from you amazing cosplayers out there
any help would be apreciated (Y)

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23 Jul 2011 - 16:1664068
Iv'e done a Devlin wig before way back in 2006-2007. You can see it here:


You can see my other work in that group too. The watermark says Rose Cosplay, that was the name I was under before I came back to doing wig commissions and changed to Lulu's Wigs.

That was styled with more of a natural feel going on but I can also do really gravity defying spikes, if your interested in my work, drop me a PM and I can write up a quote for you.

Also, if you are interested, please take some time to read my thread here:


It details things like payment methods, guidelines, t+c's and info on my postage and packaging

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